How to Create a Progress Bar in Microsoft PowerPoint

A progress bar is a graphic that, in PowerPoint, visually represents the percentage of the slideshow that has been completed. It’s also a good indicator of the remaining amount. Here’s how to create a progress bar in Microsoft PowerPoint.

You can manually create a progress bar by inserting a shape at the bottom of each slide. The problem with this approach is that you’ll need to measure the length of each shape based on the number of slides in the presentation. Additionally, if you add or remove a slide, you’ll need to manually redo the progress bar on every slide in the slideshow.

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How to Unlock Your Chromebook With Your Android Phone

Don’t want to enter your password every time you log in to your Chromebook? If you have an Android smartphone, you can unlock your computer almost instantly. Here’s how to set it up. Before you can unlock your Chromebook with your Android phone, you’ll first have to pair both devices. Do note, though, that this functionality is only available for phones running Android 5.1 or higher and for Chromebooks with at least the Chrome OS 71 update.

For this to work, you’ll also need to make sure that both your Chromebook and Android phone are signed in with the same primary Google account.

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How to Use Spotify in PC Games on Windows 10

spotify game bar widget

Windows 10 includes a tool called the Game Bar, and it has some cool features you might not know about. You can control Spotify while gaming without having to switch out of full-screen mode. Without the Game Bar, controlling Spotify while gaming can feel jarring because you’re probably playing your game in full-screen mode. If at any time you want to adjust playback, you have to press Alt+Tab to do so.

The Game Bar includes a Spotify widget that floats over your game whenever you need it.

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How to Hide Most Used Apps in the Start Menu on Windows 10

While using Windows 10, you might see a list of “Most Used” apps in your Start menu. Whether you’d like to simplify to Start menu or conceal the list due to privacy concerns, hiding the most used apps list is easy. Here’s how to do it. When enabled, the “Most Used” section of the Start menu keeps track of which apps you use the most, and it displays them in a Start menu list.The "Most used" apps list in the Windows 10 Start menu

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