How to change Laptop Lid Open Action in Windows 10

Most laptops today come with an inbuilt feature that turns on automatically when you open its lid. You can also make the screen go off when you close the laptop lid. That way, you would not need to manually press the Power button to do these things. This turns on the PC relatively faster since you jump a step during this. But this feature is not available with every single laptop.

Several old devices and some new laptops don’t support it due to having hardware restrictions and driver limitations.

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How to fix slow indexing in windows 10

Indexing helps Windows Search do its job faster. However, this process can use up many of your computer’s resources and take a long time to complete. The reason for this is because your laptop typically has many files, and the more files there are to index, the longer it takes to complete the process.

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How to fix a failed Microsoft Defender Update in Windows 11

Keeping Windows Defender updated is important for your PC’s security, but sometimes it needs some help updating itself.

Microsoft provides updates for Windows and its components quite frequently. However, while updates are generally helpful for system performance and fixing bugs, users often encounter issues when they download them.

There are plenty of fixes to try when the system updates fail, but what should you do when a program update fails? Throughout this guide, we’ll explore some solutions to try when the Microsoft Defender update won’t work, a common problem faced by both Windows 10 and 11 users. Proceed with the method that fits your situation the best.

Understanding the Causes Behind a Failed Microsoft Defender Update

Before you jump straight into troubleshooting, it’s important to understand what may be causing the issue in your case. We did a bit of research and discovered that one or more of the following can be contributing to the Microsoft Defender update problem:

  • The update components required by Windows to install the system and app updates are not functioning properly. They can either be corrupt or broken, which leads to the issue at hand.
  • A third-party antivirus solution installed on your computer is interfering with Defender updates, stopping them midway or preventing them from even starting.
  • The system itself is dealing with some kind of corruption error or inconsistency. When this happens, you are likely to face one or more issues while performing routine operations.
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How to Get Rid of Samsung Calendar on Galaxy Phones

Samsung Galaxy devices include the company’s own apps, which duplicate many of Google’s. This is annoying if you prefer Google’s apps. Getting double notifications for every calendar event gets old, but can you remove the Samsung Calendar?

Unfortunately, you can’t uninstall or disable the Samsung Calendar app. The good news is we can take some steps to stop it from interfering with Google Calendar. You’ll forget it’s even there.

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