How to Block Unknown Numbers on Android

One of the downsides of having a phone in your pocket all the time is unwanted calls. Sure, you could simply not answer the call, but that’s still annoying. You can avoid this by blocking unknown numbers on Android.

We’re going to be showing you how to block calls from “unknown” numbers, but what does that actually mean? In short, it blocks any call from a private or unknown number. This does not mean it will block calls from numbers not included in your contacts, as it does on iPhone. Private and unknown calls literally appear on caller ID without a phone number. Blocking these calls will not block calls from regular phone numbers, even if they aren’t in your contacts.

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How to Add Images to Questions in Google Forms

You don’t have to stick with text for your questions in Google Forms; you can base your questions on images. Whether you add a single image as the question or multiple images as possible answers, we’ll explain how to take advantage of this feature.

All question types except File Upload offer an image option for your question. So you might add an image to a Paragraph question and ask respondents to describe it, or add one to a Multiple Choice question and ask respondents for the correct depiction.

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How to Use Breakout Rooms in Google Meet

It’s easy for video conferences to feel overwhelming when there are a lot of people on the call. “Breakout Rooms” is a feature in Google Meet that makes it easy to divide into small groups. “Breakout Rooms,” which can also be found in Zoom, is the same concept as working in small groups in a real-life office or classroom. You can all gather in the main conference call, break out into smaller rooms for a while, and then reconvene. This all happens in the same meeting.

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How to Copy Text From a Picture on iPhone

Smartphone cameras can do a lot more than just take photos and videos. You can take a photo with your iPhone and copy text from the real world. We’ll show you how this handy feature works. iOS 15 introduced a couple of new features in the Photos app. “Visual Lookup” can identify objects, while “Live Text” can identify text. The text can then be copied, translated, or used for a search.

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How to Hide Images with Google Photos’ Locked Folder

Similar to Google’s own Files app, Google Photos includes a “Locked Folder” feature. This allows you to hide sensitive photos behind some form of security. We’ll show you how to keep prying eyes away from your photos. Unlike the Files by Google app, Google Photos utilizes the screen lock on your Google Pixel smartphone. So, if you use a fingerprint to unlock your phone, that’s what you’ll use to open the “Locked Folder.” There’s also some nifty integration with the Google Camera.

Note: Photos and videos moved to the Locked Folder won’t appear in the main photos grid, memories, search, or albums. They aren’t backed up to the cloud and can’t be accessed on other devices.

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How to Old Versions in Google Street View

Google Street View is a great way to see a map from a first-person perspective. You can use this to help find an address, do a bit of virtual sightseeing, or use historic Street View data to travel back in time. Google will refresh its Street View data every few years in many areas, and you can see older Street View imagery using the desktop version of Google Maps.

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How to Change Notification Sounds on Android

Notifications on Android are a key part of the smartphone experience, and the sounds that go with them are equally as important. If you’re hearing notification sounds all day, you might as well make them sound better. Here’s how to do it. Thankfully, it’s super easy to change notification sounds on Android devices. Every phone or tablet will come with its own default sounds, but you don’t need to use them. There’s always a handful of sounds to choose from.

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