Remove a Find My network accessory or device from an Apple ID

Use these steps to remove devices such as AirPods (3rd generation), AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, and iPhone Leather Wallet, Apple items such as AirTag, or Find My network accessories from an Apple ID.

These steps also unpair the device or item from an Apple ID. When you unpair the device or item from the Apple ID, you also remove Find My Lock, which is the association of the device or item with an Apple ID. Find My Lock needs to be removed before you can pair the device or item with a different Apple ID.

  • If the device or item is paired with the Apple ID of the previous owner, the previous owner needs to follow these steps to remove the device or item from their Apple ID.

  • The device or item doesn’t have to be connected via Bluetooth to the iPhone or other Apple device that is used to remove it from an Apple ID — but the process might happen more quickly if it’s Bluetooth-connected and within Bluetooth range.

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How to troubleshoot mail flow issues in Exchange Server?

What triggers mail flow issues?

The first thing to do is find out the reasons for such an issue. You can check what has changed in the current server setup. The best idea is to always keep a log of who had and what was changed. This way, if there would be a configuration issue, it’s easy to trace back and roll back any changes to identify the issue. Mail flow issue can be triggered after migration to a newer Exchange Server or due to a problem during an update of Exchange Server after installing a Cumulative Update (CU).

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