How to create your iPhone contact poster

With iOS 17, Apple introduced Contact Posters to its stock Phone and Contacts apps. Keep reading to learn what Contact Posters are and how to use them.

Apple in ‌iOS 17‌ offers iPhone users a novel way to express themselves when it comes to calls, with the addition of personalizable Contact Posters.

Contact Posters allow you to customize how you’re represented when you call another ‌iPhone‌ owner. You can use photos and emoji to personalize your Contact Poster, which appears on a person’s ‌iPhone‌ when you call them. And like the ‌iPhone‌ Lock Screen, you can match images with eye-catching typography.

But your Contact Poster doesn’t just show up in calls. It’s also part of your contact card in the Contacts app, giving consistency in the places where you communicate and share. Apple has also made APIs available to developers so that Contact Posters appear for third-party VoIP apps, too.

As mentioned above, customizing your Contact Poster works a lot like personalizing your Lock Screen. You can choose an image, font, and color. The following steps show you how it’s done on devices running ‌iOS 17‌ and later.

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Access your recent files from iPhone home screen

Did you know you can quickly access your most recent files on your iPhone without navigating through folders or apps? Thanks to Apple’s Files widget, you can directly access your files with a tap of your Home Screen.

The Files widget helps keep your important documents at the forefront. It’s great way to keep track of your most recent work without manually sorting through files, ensuring that nothing important gets lost or overlooked.

Using the widget also makes for a tidier and more orderly ‌Home Screen‌, since it reduces the need for numerous app icons dedicated to file access.

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Get Siri to read Messages to you in another language

Previously in iOS 17, ‌Siri‌’s interaction with Messages was limited to one option – the ability for ‌Siri‌ to automatically send your dictated messages without asking you to confirm them first.

In iOS 17.4, however, ‌Siri‌ can also read messages to you in another language different to the primary language that ‌Siri‌ listens to and responds in. It’s a neat option to have if you are bilingual or you’re learning a new language.

Thanks to the new setting, you can choose from any of the following languages:

Chinese (Cantonese – Hong Kong)
Chinese (Mandarin – China mainland)
Chinese (Mandarin – Taiwan)
Dutch (Netherlands)
French (Canada)
French (France)
German (Germany)
Italian (Italy)
Norwegian Bokmål
Portuguese (Brazil)
Spanish (Mexico)
Spanish (Spain)

Note that you aren’t limited to just one language – you can choose several if you prefer. Here’s how to enable the setting on iPhones running iOS 17.4 or later (if you haven’t updated yet, go to Settings and select General ➝ Software Update).

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How to create a photo Slideshow on iPhone

Creating a photo slideshow on your iPhone is a fantastic way to showcase your memories in a dynamic and visually engaging way. Whether it’s reliving a recent holiday, celebrating a family event, or sharing your artistic endeavors, a slideshow can bring your stories to life.

Available through the Photos app, the slideshow feature allows you to easily curate your images and present them in a polished, professional manner without needing any additional software. Using the slideshow function also enhances your ability to share and enjoy memories, by offering a seamless way to compile and view your photos. It enables you to create a cinematic experience right on your ‌iPhone‌, complete with transitions and music. It’s perfect for gatherings, where you can AirPlay a slideshow on a larger screen. Or you can use it for personal reflection and enjoy your favorite moments in a refreshing format.

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How to view Apple ID purchase History on iPhone

In today’s digital age, keeping track of online transactions is more crucial than ever, especially for Apple users who frequently download apps, music, movies, and more from various Apple services. Your Apple ID purchase history is a comprehensive log of all the content you’ve bought using your account, not just on your iPhone, but across all your Apple devices. Knowing how to access this information can provide valuable insights into your digital spending habits, help you manage your subscriptions, and even assist in troubleshooting or disputing unauthorized purchases.

Whether you’re trying to keep a budget, ensure that your family’s purchases are appropriate, or simply curious about your digital footprint, here’s how to view your Apple ID purchase history on an iPhone or iPad logged into your account.

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Turn Several live photos into a Single Video on iPhone

On iPhone and iPad, Live Photos bring your pictures to life by adding a few seconds of video before and after the shot, creating a living memory rather than a static image. While Live Photos are great on their own, it’s also possible to weave several together to create a video montage. This process transforms a collection of moments into a cohesive narrative, and offers an easier way to share and relive your memories.

Whether it’s a series of shots from a special event, a day out with friends, or a compilation of everyday moments, the following steps show you how to turn several Live Photos into a video that can encapsulate their essence in a way that a single photo or traditional video might not.

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How to hide betting odds in Apple sports App

Apple Sports, Apple’s free new sports app, allows you to follow your favorite leagues, tournaments, teams using an easy-to-read scoreboard interface.

Apple Sports covers MLS, NBA, NCAA basketball, NHL, Bundesliga, LaLiga, Liga MX, Ligue 1, Premier League, and Serie A. Additional leagues, including MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NWSL, and WNBA, will become available in the app over time.

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How to save posts for later in Threads

Since its debut in 2023, Meta’s Threads social media platform has continued to evolve at pace as developers bake in users’ most commonly requested features. In the latest update, Threads now lets you save posts. If you’re familiar with bookmarking on X (Twitter) or saving posts in Instagram, the feature is very similar, and allows you to save posts and revisit them later.

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How to enable stolen device protection

In iOS 17.3, Apple has introduced a new Stolen Device Protection feature to provide your iPhone with added security. This article explains what it does, why you might want to turn it on, and how to go about doing so.

In 2023, reports began emerging about a new method thieves were using to steal iPhones and access users’ highly sensitive data. Thieves would surreptitiously spy on their victims in public while they entered their passcode, before going on to steal the device. With the passcode known to them, criminals could empty bank accounts, steal passwords, and make the iPhone untraceable.
Enter, Stolen Device Protection
To make it harder for a thief to access passcode-protected data on a stolen iPhone, Apple in iOS 17.3 included Stolen Device Protection. With the feature enabled, Face ID or Touch ID is required to access passwords in iCloud Keychain, Lost Mode settings, options for erasing the device, and making purchases in Safari.

In addition to the new biometric requirements, the feature also imposes a one-hour security delay on actions like changing an Apple ID password. In other words, if someone tries to change Apple ID login information, Face ID authentication is required, and then an hour must pass before the password can be changed. The only time this wait period is not imposed is when the device at a trusted location like home or work.

Note that Stolen Device Protection is only available on iPhones that are able to run iOS 17, which includes the iPhone XS and newer. Also, make sure your iPhone is up-to-date and running iOS 17.3 or later (Settings ➝ General ➝ Software Update). Here’s how to enable the feature.

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