iOS 17: How to add Effects to Stickers in Messages

In iOS 17, Apple has added several new features to its Messages app to make communicating with other Apple users more creative and fun. One such feature is the ability to add effects to your stickers. Keep reading to learn how it works.

iMessage stickers arrived way back in iOS 10, allowing users to resize stickers, put them on top of chat bubbles, add them in photos, and stick them on top of other stickers, with simple controls for dragging.

Stickers have come a long way since then. In ‌‌iOS 17‌‌, for example, users are now able to create their own stickers from photo subjects, and even add neat little effects to individual stickers to change up their look.

There are a number of effects that can be added to stylize your stickers, including a white outline, comic-like shading, a puffy 3D look, and a shiny, holographic finish. The sticker effects will animate and reflect the light appropriately, making your self-created stickers look professionally done.

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How to Remove Tracking Information From URLs in Safari

Starting in iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma, Safari can remove tracking parameters from URLs in order to prevent cross-website tracking. Keep reading to learn how it works and how to control the setting for both Private and non-Private Browsing modes.

Apple has updated Safari in its latest operating systems so that now it can remove tracking parameters in web addresses. When a tracking parameter is detected while browsing or copying a link, Safari strips the identifying components of the URL, while leaving the rest intact. The links still work as expected, but no longer have unique identifiers.

Apple calls this new feature Advanced Tracking and Fingerprinting Protection, and it also works for links shared in Apple’s Messages and Mail apps. The following series of steps show you how to enable the feature for all browsing in Safari on iPhone, iPad, and ‌macOS Sonoma‌. Turning it on will ensure that all URLs opened will strip the additional tracking information that’s sometimes pasted on to the end of a URL.

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How to use Apple’s Live Listen feature with Beats Studio Pro

In iOS 14.3 and later, Live Listen supports Beats Studio Pro, Apple’s latest flagship Beats-branded earphones, making it possible to use your iOS device as a directional mic and have the audio relayed to your ears.

As an accessibility feature, the idea behind Live Listen is for it to be used by people who are hard of hearing or need extra help separating voices in a loud environment, but it can be useful in other ways, too.

If you’re on a family vacation, for instance, you could use your ‌‌iPhone‌‌ or ‌‌iPad‌‌ as a makeshift baby monitor for when the baby’s napping and you’re in another room with the TV on. All you’d need to do is put the iOS device near the baby’s crib and wear your Beats Studio Pro with Transparency mode turned on, and they should have a strong enough Bluetooth range to allow you to listen in from afar.

Live Listen will work even when other audio is being played on your ‌‌iPhone‌‌ or ‌‌iPad‌‌ – so you could listen to a podcast, say, and still be keeping tabs on the baby. Just note that whatever it is that you’re listening to will switch to mono output to match the Live Listen stream.

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How to Auto-Silence Calls and Alerts During Apple Watch Workouts

If you set up a Focus for Fitness on your iPhone, you can automatically silence calls and alerts on your Apple Watch when you begin a workout. This article explains how it’s done.

Often when you’re working out, the last thing you want to receive is a phone call, message, or other alert that pulls you out of your flow. Fortunately, Apple includes a Fitness Focus that you can easily set up so that nothing distracts you from achieving your immediate fitness goals during a workout.

Follow the steps to set up your Fitness Focus.

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How to silence unknown callers in WhatsApp

Unsolicited phone calls are a regular annoyance and even a cause of stress for many smartphone users these days. Thankfully, iOS includes an option to automatically silence calls to your iPhone from unknown numbers, and now you can do the same for calls you receive via WhatsApp, too.

WhatsApp announced a new Silence Unknown Callers feature for the encrypted messaging platform in June 2023. The company says it is designed to automatically screen out spam, scams, and calls from unknown people for increased protection.

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How to lock individual and Group Conversations in whatsapp with chat lock

Millions of users rely on WhatsApp as a means of privately and securely communicating with others, which is why the company’s developers are continually seeking new ways to improve the encrypted messaging service with these core principles in mind.

WhatsApp’s latest privacy feature is Chat Lock, which lets you protect your most intimate conversations behind one more layer of security. When you lock a conversation, it is automatically separated from the regular chat list and hidden in a locked folder that requires your passcode, fingerprint, or ‌Face ID‌ authentication to open.

What’s more, notification previews for any locked chats don’t show sender or message content, and any media shared in locked chats are not auto-saved to your phone’s photo library, altogether keeping the conversations more private.

The feature should prove handy if you occasionally share your phone with a family member, or in cases when someone else is looking at your phone’s screen at the exact moment an extra-sensitive chat arrives. The following steps show you how to lock a WhatsApp conversation.

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