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Verificarea performantei componentelor folosind Passmark PerformanceTest

Chiar si acum inca putem observa diferente semnificative de performanta intre sisteme avand componente “aparent” similare; un exemplu de instrument ce ne poate ajuta la determinarea motivelor pentru care se prezinta aceste diferente este aplicatia de “benchmarking” (masurarea vitezei de lucru in sarcini predeterminate si generarea unui scor pe baza acesteia) oferita de Passmark, PerformanceTest.

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How to connect controllers to the PC and DS4Windows

Connecting controllers to the PC and DS4Windows
DS4Windows should immediatly recognize any controllers properly connected to the PC. Though USB cables are the most reliable, connecting controller wirelessly via Bluetooth will offer similar response times (input delay) and stable connections as long as a good quality BT adapter is being used and no major radio interference is affecting the connection.

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How to install DS4Windows

In summary, DS4 Windows makes it possible for you to use your PlayStation and Nintendo controllers on a Windows 10/11 PC by emulating a virtual Xbox/DS4 controller. With it, comes added features where you can remap or rebind the keys to your liking (buttons, joysticks, keyboard + mouse etc) and making it possible to play many more games with your controller. No need to buy a supported controller or forcefully play only with keyboard and mouse.

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