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How to Highlight Blanks or Errors in Google Sheets

When you have a Google Sheets spreadsheet full of data, it can be difficult to see certain cells at a glance. If you have empty cells where you expect data or errors generated from formulas, you can automatically highlight them. Google Sheets offers useful features to make data entry and analysis easier. One such feature is conditional formatting. With it, you can configure your cells to contain a fill color or specific font style, color, or format when conditions like blanks or errors occur.

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Alternativa Ctrl+V in Windows

Comenzile Copy si Paste sunt folosite extrem de des in activitatea noastra de zi de zi. Banuiesc ca toti care folosim un PC/laptop stim combinatiile de taste pentru cele doua: Ctrl + C pentru Copy si Ctrl + V pentru Paste. Dar pentru Paste mai exista inca un shortcut despre care am aflat recent si pe care il impartasesc cu voi.

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