Asus ROG Phone 5/5S problems and how to fix them

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The Asus ROG Phone 5 and 5S are among the best phones for gamers. Not only do they look the part, but they are packed with features that make them fantastic handheld gaming devices. When you aren’t playing games, the two are excellent Android smartphones. Nothing is perfect, though, and the Asus flagships have their fair share of issues.


Problem #1: Motherboard failure and other hardware issues

As gaming phones, the Asus ROG Phone 5 and 5S can handle almost anything. An unfortunate hardware failure, though, has caused numerous problems for owners. ROG Phone 5 owners have faced various issues because of a failing motherboard. The only solution is to get the phone repaired or replaced. But the list below will give you an idea that if the standard troubleshooting steps (Safe Mode, wipe cache, etc.) don’t work, it might be a hardware problem.

  • The phone doesn’t turn on (motherboard issue): You know it’s a motherboard failure when the phone is completely dead and doesn’t turn on. For most users, the phone not turning on means they have to replace the motherboard. You can try plugging the phone into a charger and performing a soft reset (press and hold the power button and volume down key until the phone restarts).
  • The phone doesn’t turn on (external device problem): For some users, the AeroActive fan attachment causes the phone to turn and stay off. In this case, remove the accessory, plug the phone in to charge, and perform a soft reset after 30 minutes to restart the phone.
    Bottom speaker making noises or not working: Rog Phone 5 owners say that the problems they have faced with the phone’s bottom speaker not working or making strange noises have to do with the motherboard failure. For some users, the heat produced from excessive gaming seems to have also caused the speakers to break.
  • Air triggers not working: The phone’s air triggers are another piece of hardware that seems to stop working when the motherboard fails. SIM card isn’t recognized: Some users suddenly lose mobile network connectivity, and the phone doesn’t recognize the SIM card anymore. For some users, this happens when they switch from the Chinese ROM to the global ROM. For others, this occurred because of a loose connection in the internal hardware.
  • Fingerprint scanner disappeared: If you don’t see the fingerprint scanner as an unlock option anymore, it’s because of a loose connection under the hood.

Problem #2: Touch sensitivity issues

It’s common for ROG Phone 5 owners to have touch sensitivity problems, given how vital reaction times are with many games. Here are a few ways you can make changes to the phone’s touch sensitivity settings.

Potential solutions:
If you’ve applied a screen protector or want to generally boost the phone’s touch sensitivity, go to Settings > Advanced and enable Glove mode.

Using the Armory Crate app, you can also make game-specific touch sensitivity changes. For general device settings, go to the Console panel. You can choose between different preset gaming modes like X Mode, Dynamic, and Ultra Durable, which offer different levels of touch sensitivity. You can also select Advanced, tap on Edit, and set the sensitivity levels to precisely what you need.

You can make these changes game-specific as well. Tap on a game in the Library, go to the Touch tab, and adjust the sensitivity settings.

Problem #3: Side charging port not working

Potential solutions:
Users say that enabling USB debugging mode fixes the problem. You will need to first enable developer mode. Go to Settings > System > About phone > Software version and tap on the Build number seven times or until you see a message that says, “You are now a developer.” Now go to Settings > System > Developer options and enable USB debugging.

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