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If you’re running low on space, deleting  Twitter web and media cache is a quick & easy way to reclaim some space by deleting unneeded photos, GIFs, and web data. This will also speed up the app’s performance.


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Open the Twitter app on your iPhone or iPad;

Tap your profile photo;

Tap “Settings and privacy”;

Select “Accessibility, display and languages”;

Tap “Data usage” at the bottom of the list;

Select “Media storage”  and confirm, then the app will take you back to the “Data usage” screen;

Now select “Web storage” and choose which web data to delete.

  • “Clear web page storage” only deletes cached websites from the Twitter app, but keeps cookies and saved logins on your phone or tablet.
  • “Clear all web storage” deletes your entire web-related cache, including cookies and website passwords you’ve saved within Twitter’s built-in browser. If you’ve visited websites through the Twitter app and saved your logins, you’ll need to log in next time you visit that site through the app.

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