Common issues and Problems Fix on Huawei P50 Pro- Tips and Tricks

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  • How to fix the battery drain issue on Huawei P50 Pro

If you have installed any kind of antivirus or phone cleaner application on your own Huawei P50 Pro. then first of all uninstall that app. If you don’t need GPS, turn it off.
You always have to download the application from the Play Store itself. Because third-party apps contain malware, due to which your phone’s battery drains very quickly.
Always keep your phone brightness on average (30%-60%).
– Do not use the mobile while charging it.
– If you do not use NFC, Bluetooth, or Hotspot, always keep them turned off.
– If any kind of software update comes in your phone then update it.

  • How to fix the lag interface on Huawei P50 Pro

If you use any kind of Antivirus or Phone cleaner app, then uninstall it.
You don’t have to use third-party launchers.
Also do not use any third-party theme for your phone. You have to update all the apps on your phone.
If any kind of Software update has come in the phone, then it has to be updated as well.
Do not use any third-party applications.
Always keep the RAM of your phone clean, do not let it go more than 90%.
Use the application with the lite version. eg. Youtube Go, Facebook Lite, Twitter, ETC.
If these steps do not fix your phone, then hard reset your phone. I hope you have understood this process.

  • How to fix mobile Data or cellular network issues on Huawei P50 Pro
  1. First of all, remove your SIM card from the phone and re-insert it.Turn on and off Airplane mode on your phone for 1 minute.
  2. Restart your phone.
  3. Reset your SIM access name. Setting- Sim Card & Mobile Data- Sim 1 or Sim 2- access points name- reset point name.If these steps do not fix your Mobile data and cellular Network Problem. Then talk to your network provider.

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