How to burn your PowerPoint to DVD on Windows

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Want to showcase your PowerPoint presentation using a good old DVD player? If so, it’s quick and easy to burn a presentation to your disc using just the built-in tools on your Windows or Mac machine.


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Step 1: Make a Video File From Your PowerPoint Presentation

The first step is to turn your PPTX into a video file. To do this, you’ll use a built-in option in the PowerPoint app. Follow the section below for your specific operating system, and you’ll have your presentation’s video file ready.

  • Open your presentation in PowerPoint. Then, in the app’s top-left corner, click “File.”
  • From the left sidebar, select “Export.”
  • On the right pane, choose “Create a Video.”

On the far right pane, you’ll see a “Create a Video” section. Here, click the first drop-down menu and choose “Full HD.” This ensures your video file is high-quality. You can choose a lower resolution if you want to save storage, but that’ll degrade your video quality too.

  • Next up, in the “Seconds Spent on Each Slide” box, enter the amount of time for which a slide is played in your video. The default is 5 seconds, and you can change this to anything you want.
  • After configuring those options, click “Create Video” to start making your video file.
  • An “Export Video” window will open. Here, choose the folder to save your video file in, and click “Export.”
  • In PowerPoint’s bottom bar, you’ll see the video making status. When this finishes, your video file will be ready.
Step 2: Burn Your PowerPoint Video to a DVD
  • Now that you have your PowerPoint presentation converted to a video file, let’s burn this video to a DVD.
  • Start by inserting a blank DVD into your computer’s DVD writer. In your screen’s bottom-right corner, you’ll see a prompt. Click it.
  • In the menu that opens, choose “Burn Files to Disc.”
  • A “Burn a Disc” window will launch. Here, click the “Disc Title” field and enter a name for your disc. Then, choose the “With a CD/DVD Player” option and click “Next.” (Choosing this option ensures your disc plays on many media players out there.)
  • You’ll see a File Explorer window. Here, drag the PowerPoint video file you created earlier, and Windows will burn it on your disc.

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