How to Clear Storage on Blackberry Z30 (Black)

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Blackberry Z30 (Black) owners often complain that its internal storage fills up quickly. There is no way for the user to download a new application or shoot a video. But fortunately, there are some easy ways to clear the storage of Blackberry Z30 (Black).


Manually Delete Unnecessary Files

If the owner of Blackberry Z30 (Black) has not cleared the device for a long time, first of all it is worth getting rid of large files that have not been used for a long time. This can be a downloaded movie, music files and other data. To delete the files, you need to open the “Explorer” app, select a folder or file, and then click the “Delete” button.

Remove Unnecessary Apps

Many applications are downloaded to the smartphone during the operation of Blackberry Z30 (Black). Many of them are forgotten after a few days, but they continue to fill the device’s memory. To delete such apps, you need to hold your finger on the game or program icon for a couple of seconds, and then move the icon to the “Delete” heading. After that, the software will be removed. You can also uninstall the application through Google Play or settings.

Clear the Application Cache

A more rational option for those who plan to continue using the program. Applications quickly accumulate temporary data, which is commonly referred to as a cache. Removing the cache does not lead to serious issues. The user does not have to re-authorize in the app.

Clearing the cache is done as follows:

-Open the device settings.
-Go to the Applications section.
-Select the program that takes up the most space. Press the Clear Cache button

When performing the operation, do not confuse cache with application data. If cache is temporary files whose deletion does not lead to any issues, then clearing the data will end up with the user being forced to login to the account again.

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