How to fix a “This app can’t run on your PC” Error on Windows 11

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The software you’re attempting to run is probably not compatible with your computer if you’ve received a “This app can’t run on your PC” error.


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Examine Your List of Startup Applications

Check your startup app list to make sure no unwanted apps are present if the problem happens when your PC starts up without you having to actively launch any apps. The issue may be that a startup application is starting when your computer boots up.

  1. Right-click your Windows taskbar and select “Task Manager”
  2. Then click the “Startup Apps” tab.
  3. Examine each application in the right pane. If you see a program you don’t want to start every time your computer boots up, you may right-click on it and select “Disable.”
  4. To prevent any app from starting automatically, repeat the previous process for each one. After that, restart your Windows 11 computer.
Open the App as an Admin

The program may display the error mentioned above if it does not have the necessary rights. To resolve the issue in this instance, run the application as an administrator.

  1. Right-click the app on your desktop or Start Menu and choose “Run as Administrator”
  2. In the User Account Control (UAC) prompt, select “Yes”.
Use App Compatibility Troubleshooter

Your problem can be the result of the app’s incompatibility with your Windows 11 system. In this instance, use Windows’ built-in App Compatibility Troubleshooter to identify and resolve any compatibility issues with the application.

  1. Start by right-clicking the app’s shortcut on your desktop and choosing “Properties.”
  2. Access the “Compatibility” tab and select “Run Compatibility Troubleshooter.”
  3. As the tool does numerous checks and identifies app problems, please wait. Then, to solve your issue, adhere to the tool’s suggestions.
Remove and Reinstall the App

You might not be able to execute the software if its essential files are corrupted. To resolve the problem in this instance, remove and reinstall the program. You could or might not lose your stored data in the app, depending on how it operates.

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > Installed Apps
  2. Find the app on the list
  3. Select the three dots next to the app, and choose “Uninstall”
  4. In the open prompt, select “Uninstall” to delete the app.

To reinstall the app, go to the app developer’s website, download it, and launch the installer. If you’d like, you might test the version that’s possibly available in the Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 Does Not Support This App

Reinstalling the software might not solve the problem if it still doesn’t work with your Windows 11 version. This typically occurs when an app developer fails to update their software to support the most recent version of Windows.

The Hardware of Your PC Doesn’t Support the App

Incompatible hardware can also result in the “This app can’t run on your PC” message, and your CPU is nearly always the problem. While some CPUs are designed on Arm, others are constructed on x86-64. Crucially, Arm applications cannot be directly run on x86-64 programs, and vice versa; trying to run software intended for one platform on the other would yield an error.

Mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and some Windows laptops frequently use Arm-based CPUs. In this instance, see whether there is a version available on the developer’s website that works with your system. Or, search for a different program that accomplishes the same task.

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