How to fix iPhone battery drain issue?

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There are several ways to resolve iPhone’s battery draining issue. The first step that you should take in-order to solve the battery draining issue is restarting your phone. Simply restarting the phone can sort out several issues. After a few hours, if you realize that there is no improvement in your phone’s performance, you can try performing the following steps.


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Find apps that are draining your phone’s battery

iOS 11 update introduced the battery usage feature. This one can prove to be a lifesaver for the phone’s battery as it shows the list of applications that are consuming too much of power. The feature shows to record for power consuming apps that are active for the last seven days.

Most importantly, the feature also shows the possible reason behind app’s increased battery requirement and suggestions to fix the same. All that you need to do is adjust the concerned apps accordingly and close battery hungry applications if necessary.

iPhone 6 battery drains

To use this feature, click on Settings>General>Usage>Battery Usage.

Turn off the fitness tracker

Fitness app lovers were very impressed when Apple introduced its M7 motion coprocessor with 5S. This feature senses the user’s fitness activity and steps. The feature seems impressive while exercising, but it consumes a lot of battery power. So, it is advisable to disable this feature when not in use.

iPhone 6 battery drains

To deactivate this feature, click- Tapping Settings> Tapping Motion & Fitness > then turn off the fitness tracker.

Check your iPhone’s network signal strength

Check your mobile network’s signal. If you feel that your cell phone network is fluctuating, it is advisable to reset your phone’s network settings. If your phone is on LTE or 3G network and the coverage is not impressive, you should switch off 4G LTE mode and use your phone in 3G or slower network to save your iPhone’s battery from draining quickly.

Unfortunately, if your cell signal is weak in your home or office area, you should consider switching to other networks that offer good coverage nearby your home and office.

iPhone 6 battery drains

To change LTE settings, click- Tap Settings > Cellular> then Slide Enable LTE to switch it off (turn off cellular data).

Turn off Bluetooth when not in use

This is the era of wireless headsets, wireless wristbands, and Bluetooth connects these devices with your iPhone. Unfortunately, transmitting data wirelessly requires a large amount of battery power. So, it is advisable to turn on Bluetooth only when it is in use and avoid using these external devices when your battery level is low.

iPhone 6 battery drains

Apple Watch users cannot use this option as their watch needs to be constantly connected to iPhone via Bluetooth.

Install iOS updates on time

Apple keeps on sending updates as soon as it discovers any issues, bugs, etc. So make sure that your iPhone is updated on time. Apple’s iOS 13 is its most recent update.

Other suggestions

Keep off the auto-update feature in your iPhone. Check your email only when necessary to do so. Set your auto-lock feature time to one or two minutes. Turn off your phone’s Data Push feature, and background apps refresh feature for unnecessary apps.

Avoid setting dynamic backgrounds. Keep location settings and location services off when not in use. Make sure that you keep your personal hotspot and Wi-Fi off when not in use. Check push notifications for apps, and turn off the feature for apps that you do not use. If you feel that your phone turns physically warm, then you should reboot your iPhone immediately.

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