How to fix too loud or too low volume on your bluetooth audio device

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You buy a Bluetooth headset or a pair of Bluetooth earphones and after pairing it, you find the volume unsatisfying. Either it’s too loud and tinny or too low and muffled. This is usually fixable through an on-and-off switch hidden in your Android OS Settings.


Bluetooth headset has inadequate volume on calls and/or apps.


This volume issue can be easily fixed by turning off Absolute Volume, which is an option that is on by standard on every Android phone nowadays. Turning off this feature, the volume of your headset won’t be directly tied to the phone itself, but rather controlled separately depending on whether you have the headset connected or not.

Let’s go through the steps of turning off this feature:

  • From your home screen, swipe up, and go to the setting menu:

  • From there, scroll all the way to the bottom, and click on system.

  • Going next, select developer options

  • Search in the developer options for “absolute volume”, select the search result, and switch it on, as it is off by preset!

This should solve the issue if the headset does not require a specific manufacturer-requested app/software installed. If so, be sure to install it, and check the sound level after, to be sure if you need to go through the steps mentioned above or not.

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