How to Install, Configure and Use Citrix Receiver For Windows 4.6

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Using Citrix Windows Receiver


Citrix receiver interface is now loaded, and all the resources can be seen from StoreFront.

  1. Click FAVORITES to view the desktops and apps you added to FAVORITES
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  2. You can also view the assigned desktops by clicking the DESKTOPS
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  3. Then click Details; You can add these desktops to FAVORITES, open and restart the desktops.
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  4. After clicking APPS, you can view all available applications.
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  5. Click Details to add the applications to FAVORITES and open the apps.
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Citrix Receiver for Windows provides users with secure, self-service access to virtual desktops and apps provided by XenDesktop and XenApp. Apart from using the windows receiver interface, users can also use the receiver with storefront from the website.

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