How to manage Safari Plug-ins

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Managing plug-ins is the better choice when you want to keep plug-ins installed, but don’t want to use them at the moment, or you want to restrict them to certain websites.


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Launch Safari, and then select Safari, Preferences.

In the Preferences window, select the Security button.

If you wish to turn all plug-ins off, remove the checkmark from the Allow Plug-ins checkbox.

To manage plug-ins by website, click the button labeled Plug-in Settings or Manage Website Settings, depending on the version of Safari you’re using.

Plug-ins are listed in the left-hand sidebar. Remove the checkmark next to a plug-in to disable it.

Selecting a plug-in will display a list of websites that have been configured to have the plug-in turned on or off, or to ask each time the site is visited. Use the drop-down menu next to the website name to change the plug-in usage setting. If no website has been configured to use the selected plug-in, the setting of the When visiting other websites drop-down menu sets the default (On, Off, or Ask).

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