How to measure noise levels on Galaxy Watch 4

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Apple Watch is infamous for its Noise app, which can measure the sound levels around you in decibels. However, there’s no such built-in sound meter on Galaxy Watch 4. Fortunately, this doesn’t leave you out of options. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 runs Wear OS 3. And the open nature of software not only lets you install aps from Google Play but also sideload APKs. While there’s no built-in Noise app onboard, you can install third-party sound meter apps on the watch.


What’s the Importance of Noise Levels?

For starters, a sound level under 75-80 decibels is not loud enough to cause damage. However, exposure to noises over 80 decibels may result in hearing loss over a sustained period. It happens slowly and often goes unnoticed. Hence, it’s important to limit your exposure to unnecessary loud noise.

This is why Apple Watch gives the option to check noise levels in real-time using the Noise app. And with the apps mentioned above, you can now do the same on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or 4 Classic or any other smartwatch running Wear OS.


Wear Sound Meter (Paid)

It can be directly installed from Google Play Store without any hassle, as shown below.

Step 1: Swipe up on the Galaxy Watch home screen to open the app list. Tap Play Store.

Step 2: Tap the Search icon at the top, select a typing method, and type “Sound Meter.”

Step 3: Click on Wear Sound Meter. Tap Install and complete the payment.

The app was released back in 2017 and seems to be the only Wear OS app that can tell noise levels. Note that unless the feature is built into the watch by the manufacturer, no app will automatically alert you of high noise levels as Apple does. While Samsung skipped on Noise measurement, the brand did include Fall Detection in the watch- another feature which the Apple Watch is known for.

Using DB Meter APK (Free)

DB Meter is another app you can sideload on your Galaxy Watch 4 to measure ambient noise. Due to the watch’s screen constraints, it does not show the exact dB levels but gives you an idea about the surrounding noise.

Step 1: Download DB Meter APK on your Android phone.

Step 2: Repeat steps 1-3 in the above method to pair Easy Fire Tools with Galaxy Watch 4

Step 3: In the Custom APK File tab, tap Select File. Choose the downloaded DB Meter APK.

Step 4: Hit Install and confirm when prompted. Please wait for it to install the APK on Galaxy Watch.

Step 5: Open the app, scroll down and select the reason for installing it.

Measure Noise dB Levels on Galaxy Watch 4

Step 6: Tap X at the top left and allow permission to record audio and files.

Step 7: Skip the on-screen tutorial and tap the Red circular button to measure the audio levels.

Measure Noise dB Levels on Galaxy Watch 4

The app will start measuring the ambient sound and noise levels through the built-in microphone on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. While the exact DB value bleeds out of the screen area, you can see the current decibel levels in the graph on-screen.

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