How to Quickly Resize Widgets in Notification Center on Mac

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Mac User Using Widgets in macOS Big Sur

The widgets in the Notification Center on your Mac are malleable. You can shrink them to the smallest size, or go all the way up to the large size. Here’s how you quickly resize widgets in the Notification Center on Mac. Mac users who are running macOS Big Sur or newer have access to the unified Notification Center which shows notifications and widgets on the same page. The widgets that you see on the iPhone home screen will be available here as well.

But unlike on the iPhone and iPad, you can actually resize widgets that you’ve already added to the Notification Center. On your iPhone or iPad, you need to remove the old widget instead. This feature works for any widget that comes in different sizes (for both first-party and third-party apps).


On your Mac, click the Time and Date button in the top-right corner of the screen (next to the Control Center) to open the Notification Center.

Click Time in Mac Menu Bar to Open Notification Center

From here, you can scroll up to see all of the widgets.

Notification Center with Notifications and Widgets

By default, you’ll see widgets from stock Apple apps, but you can also add more widgets for supported third-party apps. To do this, click the “Edit Widgets” button found at the bottom of the Notification Center (Read our complete guide to using Notification Center widgets to learn more.).

Now, find the widget that you want to resize and then right-click it.

right-click a widget from Notification Center

From the “Size” section, choose the “Small,” “Medium,” or “Large” option.

Choose a different size for a widget

And that’s it, your widget is now resized!

Widget Resized in Notification Center

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