How to Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone in the Messages App (iOS 16)

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With iOS 16, Apple gave us an ultra-simple way to recover our recently deleted messages! The catch is that you will need to have updated to iOS 16 prior to deleting the text messages you want to recover. With iOS 16, you can recover your deleted text messages 30 days after you erased them (up to 40 days max, depending on the whim of the Apple algorithms).


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Open the Messages app and tap Edit in the top left corner. (If you have Filter Unknown Senders enabled in Settings, your view will be slightly different. Tap Filters in the top corner instead).

From the menu that appears, tap Show Recently Deleted. (If you tapped Filters in the step above to view your text message folders, tap the Recently Deleted folder).

You’ll see a list of all conversations deleted within the last 30 days, with the number of days remaining listed on the left. Select at least one conversation you want to recover.

Tap Recover to retrieve the deleted conversations. You cannot recover individual texts in a conversation, so this will restore all texts within the conversation.

Tap Recover Messages to restore your deleted messages.

Tap Done in the top right corner to return to your main messages screen. (If you have Filter Unknown Senders enabled, tap Filters to return to the folders view).

Now you should see the deleted messages on your iPhone Messages app main screen!

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