How to save and download Instagram stories

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Want to download an Instagram Story for offline use on your iPhone or Android phone? If so, Instagram offers multiple ways to help you do that. We’ll show you how to use all these methods to save your favorite photos or videos from your Stories to your phone.


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Save an Instagram story to your phone’s Camera roll

One way to download an IG Story to your phone is by using the app’s built-in save option. This option lets you download photos, videos, or both from your Stories to your phone’s camera roll.

To use this method, launch the Instagram app on your phone and tap “Your Story.”

When your Story plays, find the slide containing the photo or video you want to download. If you’re an iPhone user, you can save all slides from your Story at once. However, on Android, you have to download each slide individually.

  • On your Story page, in the bottom-right corner, tap the three dots.
  • As an Android user, in the menu that opens, you’ll choose “Save Photo” or “Save Video,” depending on the slide content. This saves your chosen file on your phone’s local storage.
  • On an iPhone, in the menu that opens, you’ll choose “Save.” Then, you’ll choose either “Save Photo” or “Save Video.” To download the entire Story as a single video file, tap “Save Story.”
  • Instagram will save the chosen content to your phone’s gallery app, and you’re all set.

Your Instagram archive is a place where you keep the content that you don’t want to display on your profile but you wish to retain it. You can download your IG Story in this archive and have it saved here forever.

  • To begin, launch Instagram on your phone and tap your profile icon at the bottom.
  • On the following page, in the top-right corner, tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines). In the open menu, choose “Settings and Privacy.”
  • On the “Settings and Privacy” page, select “Archiving and Downloading.” Then, toggle on the “Save Story to Archive” option. This ensures your published Stories are saved to your archive.
  • With that option enabled, your Instagram app will now save all your posted Stories to your Archive folder. To open this folder, on your profile page, tap the hamburger menu and choose “Archive.”

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