How to Use the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 AI Camera

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Artificial Intelligence Means Better Scene Optimization

One of the most notable features of the Note 9 camera is the AI capabilities that allow for unique scene detection. When using either the front or rear-facing cameras with Scene Optimization, the camera automatically samples the subject and environment to determine the best settings for the picture. It adjusts the exposure, contrast, brightness, and white balance to help capture the best photos possible.

Scene Optimization has 20 modes, allowing the camera to accurately adjust color, temperature, white balance, and other settings so that you get the best picture possible every time. These modes include:
Portrait Flowers Indoors Animals
Landscape Greenery Trees Skies
Mountains Beaches Sunrises Sunsets
Watersides (flowing water) Street Night Snow
Birds Waterfalls Text

  • Take Flawless Pictures With Flaw Detection

It’s frustrating when you take a group photo only to realize that someone blinked or the image is a little blurry. With Flaw Detection turned on, you receive a notification if something is a little off. That way, you can retake the photo before you lose your perfect shot.

  • To enable Flaw Detection, open the camera settings and choose Flaw Detection in the Common section.
  • S Pen Remote Shutter Release for Photos at a Distance

Thanks to Bluetooth, you can use the S Pen smart stylus to open the camera app and take pictures from a distance of up to 30-feet away. To enable and customize this feature:

Choose Advanced features > S Pen > S Pen Remote

  • In the S Pen Remote options, select Hold Down Pen Button To and choose Camera (if it isn’t selected). You should be returned to the S Pen Remote options screen.
  • Scroll to App Actions and select Single Press, then choose the action you’d like to perform when you press the S Pen button.
  • Select Double Press and select the action you want to perform when you double press the S Pen button.

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