Huawei P50 Pro Won’t Turn On

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Modern smartphones can malfunction even with the most careful of handling. They arise most often due to violations in the functioning of the operating system, but physical damage can also cause the malfunction. If the phone does not turn on, there is no need to rush to the maintenance center right away.


There are many possible reasons for the disruption of the stable operation of the device; often problems arise during everyday use. According to experts and representatives of device manufacturing companies, power-on failures may be associated with the following events:

-After updating the operating system, some system files were installed with errors; the device stopped booting up due to viruses that came with applications not installed straight from the Play Market;
-After dropping the device on a hard surface, the display or battery cable became disconnected; the USB port is clogged, or moisture has caused minor but harmful rust spots on the contacts.
– It should be noted right away that it is not an easy task to handle physical damage on your own. When attempting repairs yourself, you can inadvertently disrupt some of the connections, thereby making the smartphone unrepairable.

If the methods proposed below do not lead to a positive result, it is recommended to contact a verified MC for diagnostics and repair.

  • Force Restart Huawei P50 Pro

First, let’s look at several methods using Recovery mode. You can boot up the Recovery if the device is charged by more than 15%. At the same time, by connecting the charger, you can make sure that the screen is intact and that the USB port is working as intended.

Then, if the phone responded to the charging connection and displayed the info concerning the process of replenishing the battery, you can proceed to the following actions:

Simultaneously hold down the power and volume up buttons. Hold them this way until the phone vibrates. The boot splash screen will appear and vibration will follow, after which the power button can be released. Important note: sometimes the combination works with the volume down button, but not the up button.

In the newly opened menu select the “Reboot to system” button (in some versions the option is called “Reboot system now”).

The device should immediately proceed to the reboot, followed by a regular Android boot-up. By the way, if the device does not charge, it is recommended to try other USB cables and chargers. It is possible that the issue lies with them, and the phone is simply discharged.

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