Parsing error windows 7/8.1/10

Configurare noua (How To)


Parsing errors happen where there are syntax errors in a program you try to use.For example, grammatical errors in writing but is not always related to that and can happen due to a file conflict.


1.Open This PC,access C drive > windows > Microsoft.NET > Framework64 > v.4.0.30319 > Config
2.There, find Machine.Config.Deafult and move it to the desktop.You can drag and drop it out of the window on the desktop or another folder if you want,just make sure it does not get lost.You will see a window asking if you want to continue.Press continue.
3.Find and delete Machine.Config in the same folder you moved Machine.Config.Deafult from.
4.Go to the file Machine.Config.Deafult that you moved earlier and rename it to Machine.Config
5.Drag and drop it back into its original folder and then restart the PC.

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