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There are many errors you may have come across while accessing a Smart TV. Most of the LG Smart TV users might see the error code 137 while opening the YouTube app. The Youtube TV Error Code 137  indicates the YouTube App has stopped working on LG Smart TV. The error messages such as “Ads,” “No videos are available” are displayed on the TV screen while encountering the error code 137.


Solution 1: Reinstall the YouTube app

First, close the YouTube app and re-launch it. If the same error code is displayed on your Smart TV’s screen, then try reinstalling the YouTube app on your TV. To reinstall the app, first, you need to uninstall it from your TV.

Uninstalling the YouTube app
Select the YouTube app.
Now, hold down the Enter button until you are redirected to the Edit mode.
Choose X over the YouTube app to delete it.
Select the Yes button when the pop-up message saying “Are you sure you want to delete?.
Reinstalling the YouTube app
Go to the LG Content Store.
Navigate to the App Store.
Browse the YouTube TV app and select it.
Now, the YouTube app will be downloaded on your computer.
Perform the on-screen instructions to reinstall the YouTube app on your computer.
Check if the Youtube TV Error Code 137 has been resolved. If not, perform the next solution.

Solution 2: Reset your LG Smart TV

Some users have reported that the reset process has resolved the YouTube TV app not working issue on their LG Smart TV. To reset your LG Smart TV, follow the instructions given below.

Make sure that your LG Smart TV is turned ON.
Now, point the TV remote towards your Smart TV and press the Home or Smart button.
From the list of options, select the Settings option.
Go to the General settings.
Select the Reset option.
If prompted, enter your LG Smart TV’s password in the given field.
Check if the YouTube app not working issue is resolved.
If not, reset to factory default on LG Smart TV.
Press Menu.
Select the Picture icon.
Press Enter.
Select Screen > Reset > Yes.

Now, your LG Smart TV will be factory reset. Now we have seen how to fix Youtube TV Error Code 137.

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