How to give ShutDown rights only to certain users/groups using GPO in Windows Server 2012

Press Start and type gpmc to start Group Policy Management Console and press Enter.

In the new window, right click either on your domain, or on th OU for which you want to apply the policy to and click on Create a GPO in this domain, as in the following image, and type the name you want for it.













Next step is to right click on the newly created GPO and choose Edit, and in the GPME window scroll down to Computer Configuration>Policies>Windows Settings>Security Settings>Local Policies>User RIghts Assignment and look for the Shut down the system option on the right side of the screen, double tap it and add the Users or Groups to which you want to give shut down rights.

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How to see Resultant set of Policy applied to Domain computer or user via CMD

Start a command prompt by typing CMD in start , using windows key +x and selecting Command Prompt from the menu or windows key +r and typing CMD. Now type “gpresult /h filename” or “gpresult /x filename” and wait for the process to finish.

/h parameter saves the report as a .html file, while /x saves the report as a .xml file.

Now go to C:WindowsSystem32 and look for the file you saved the report to.


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How to fix a corrupt Windows installation without reinstalling it

Every Windows installation health will get downgraded in time and system files can get corrupted which can cause your operating system to run unsatisfactorily.

First thing you cand do in this case is to start a command prompt as admin by typing cmd in start and right click on it and Run as Administrator, then type sfc /scannow. Take notice that this operation can take a while.











If the scan results says that it found errors that couldn’t be fixed, the solution is very simple, all you need is a Windows installation media.

After you’ve prepared your windows installation disc/stick, go back to your previously opened command promp or open a new one and type dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth to check if you can repair it.If it says that it’s repairable, then type

dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth /source:x:sourcesinstall.wim, where “x” is the drive letter of your installation media










When this is done, you should be good to go.

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OpenVpn connecting but doesn`t get internal IP

If you’re using OpenVpn as your VPN client, you may often stumble upon this problem.

It allows you to connect to your private network, but you don’t have access to any internal resoruces.

The most common cause for this issue is that you’re not getting an internal ip but a random C class one.

In order to do this, open Device Manager by clicking on Start button and typing Device Manager.

Now, go to Network adapters and look for TAP-Windows Adapter V9, right click on it and choose Uninstall
















After the operation is finished, Unistall your OpenVpn client also, restart the Pc and reinstall it.

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How to solve continuous printing

There are two things you cand do to fix this printing problem.

First stept would be disableing Biderction support by going to Control Panel , Devices and Printers and right clicking on the devices. A drop down menu will appear, from which you’ll have to click on Printer Properties.










Now, go to the Ports tab, select your printer, uncheck Enable Bidirectional Support and click Apply.















If this doesen’t work, the only thing left to do is to get the latest drivers for you devices, and install them

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How to restrict user access only to certain devices using Windows Server 2012

There can be cases when you need to limit users access only to certain devices.

In order to do this, open Active Directory Users and Computers, by typing dsl in start menu















Now, look for the user you wan to give limited access, right click on it and click on Properties. On the user properties window, click on Accout tab on the top side, and then on Log on button.
















In the window, check The following computers box and type the device name in the field bellow and click Add.

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How to Disable Notification Area and Action Center in Windows 10 by using GPO in Windows Server 2012

In order to disable notification area, press Windows-key and type gpmc .

You can either use your default domain policy or create a new one.

After deciding which way you want to go, select on the left panel User Configuration, Administrative Template and Start Menu and Taskbar, and look for Remove Norification and Action Center, double click on it and check the Enable box.

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