How to add users to Address Book on Kyocera ls-1128 printer

In order to add users to Address Book, log on to the printer`s web interface by typing its ip address in a browser window, typer your administrator password, and click on the Basic tab on the top left side of the window, and then hover over Address Book and click on Contacts.














Choose Add New Contact on the next page, after that type the name for the user, e-mail address if you want to use it for scan to mail on the E-mail field, or fill out the fields for SMB if you want to set it up for scan to network.

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How to set up Scan to Mail on Canon MF732C

In order to set up scan to mail on this printer, log on to its web interface and sign in as System Manager Mode.

Now, go to Settings/Registration and look for TX Settings on the left panel. Next, click on Network Settings – E-Mail/I-Fax and on the Edit button on the upper right side of the screen.



Enter your SMTP Server address, a e-mail address for the printer, click OK, and you can start adding entris to the Address Book from the 1st page.

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Can`t open hyperlinks from outlook

Sometimes,when you change you default Browser, you may get the following error while opening hyperlinks from Outlook, which appears due to invalid registry entrys.



There is a very simple mwthod to fix this error.

Close all Internet Explorer windows if you have any open to make sure that you don`t have any hidden processes running and rerun it. After that, press Alt and go to Tools tab and Internet Options.










In the new window, go to Advanced tab and click on Reset… button, and Reset again in the newly opened window.
















Close the browser, your Outlook client if it`s open, after which you can reopen it and rerun the hyperlinks.

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How to send email on behalf of a Distribution Group

In order to do this, you have to go in active Directory Users and Computers, find the group for which you want to send as, go to Properties, Security tab, and click on Advanced.













Now, find the user to which you want to give permisssions to, or add it to the group if you haven`t done that already, and click on Edit.

On the new window check the Send as box , click OK, and then Apply. Keep in mind that this can take up to 48h to take effect, and it`s recommended to do so.


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How to create a new Room Mailbox in Exchange 2013

Room Mailboxes are often used to resereves rooms for meetings, trainings, by using Outlook`s Calendar.

In order to create a Room Mailbox, you have to open Exchange Management Console, go to Recipient Configuration, right click on Mailbox and select New Mailbox..










In the next window, select Room Mailbox and click Next.

For the next step, you can either select an existing user(if you already created one for the specific room), or create a new one, which is usually the case. If you go with new user, fill all the necessary filds (name, account, email address) and don`t forget to choose an Oraganisational Unit for it. For the following windows, you can click next, since you don`t have to make any additional settings for it to work.



You can then find the new Room in your outlook calendar, by searching for it by its name

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