How to remove 3d Objects from sidebar in Windows 10

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Starting with Windows 10 17.09 update, Microsoft have added a new shortcut under This Pc in Windows Explorer side bar.

If you find this shortcut useless and want to remove it, just follow the next steps, just take notice that you`ll need administrator rights in order to edit registrys.


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First thing you`ll need to do is to start registry editor by clicking on the start button, or pressing the windows key, and type regedit.


















Next thing you’ll need to do is navigate to this link

either by using copy on it and paste in regedit address bar, or by scrolling down and looking for it by yourself.
Now, look for {0DB7E03F-FC29-4DC6-9020-FF41B59E513A}, right click on it and click on Delete.
If you're using 32 bit version of Windows you can stop here.

Now, you need to go to

You can use copy paste to get here again, and look for
{0DB7E03F-FC29-4DC6-9020-FF41B59E513A}, right click on it and Delete again.

If 3d Objects doesn't disappear only thing left is to restart your PC.


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