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CLI Command wildcard delete.


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wildcard delete <statement-path> <identifier> <regular-expression> 					
  • Delete a statement or identifier. All subordinate statements and identifiers contained within the specified statement path are deleted with it.
  • Deleting a statement or an identifier effectively “unconfigures” or disables the functionality associated with that statement or identifier.
  • If you do not specify statement-path or identifier, the entire hierarchy starting at the current hierarchy level is removed.
  • identifier – (Optional) Name of the statement or identifier to delete.
  • regular-expression – (Optional) The pattern based on which you want to delete multiple items. When you use the wildcard command to delete related configuration items, the regular-expression must be the final statement.
  • statement-path – (Optional) Path to an existing statement or identifier. Include this if the statement or identifier to be deleted is not at the current hierarchy level.
Required Privilege Level

configure—To enter configuration mode. Other required privilege levels depend on where the statement is located in the configuration hierarchy.

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