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O lista cu comenzile utile in RUN


Quick Access To C: drive ->

Open the current user’s home folder -> .

Open up the Users folder -> ..

Open Documents Folder -> documents

Open Videos folder -> videos

Open Downloads Folder -> downloads

Open Favorites Folder -> favorites

Open Recent Folder -> recent

Open Recent Folder -> logoff

Open Pictures Folder -> pictures

Windows Sideshow -> control.exe /name Microsoft.WindowsSideshow

Windows CardSpace -> control.exe /name Microsoft.cardspace

Windows Anytime Upgrade -> WindowsAnytimeUpgradeui

Taskbar and Start Menu -> control.exe /name Microsoft.TaskbarandStartMenu

Troubleshooting -> control.exe /name Microsoft.Troubleshooting

User Accounts -> control.exe /name Microsoft.UserAccounts

Adding a new Device -> devicepairingwizard

Add Hardware Wizard -> hdwwiz

Advanced User Accounts -> netplwiz

Advanced User Accounts -> azman.msc

Backup and Restore -> sdclt

Bluetooth File Transfer -> fsquirt

Calculator -> calc

Certificates -> certmgr.msc

Change Computer Performance Settings -> systempropertiesperformance

Change Data Execution Prevention Settings -> systempropertiesdataexecutionprevention

Change Data Execution Prevention Settings -> printui

Character Map -> charmap

ClearType Tuner -> cttune

Color Management -> colorcpl

Command Prompt -> cmd

Component Services -> comexp.msc

Component Services -> dcomcnfg

Computer Management -> compmgmt.msc

Computer Management -> compmgmtlauncher

Connect to a Network Projector -> netproj

Connect to a Projector -> displayswitch

Control Panel -> control

Create A Shared Folder Wizard -> shrpubw

Create a System Repair Disc -> recdisc

Credential Backup and Restore Wizard -> credwiz

Data Execution Prevention -> systempropertiesdataexecutionprevention

Date and Time -> timedate.cpl

Default Location -> locationnotifications

Device Manager -> devmgmt.msc

Device Manager -> hdwwiz.cpl

Device Pairing Wizard -> devicepairingwizard

Diagnostics Troubleshooting Wizard -> msdt

Digitizer Calibration Tool -> tabcal

DirectX Diagnostic Tool -> dxdiag

Disk Cleanup -> cleanmgr

Disk Defragmenter -> dfrgui

Disk Management -> diskmgmt.msc

Display -> dpiscaling

Display Color Calibration -> dccw

Display Switch -> displayswitch

DPAPI Key Migration Wizard -> dpapimig

Driver Verifier Manager -> verifier

Ease of Access Center -> utilman

EFS Wizard -> rekeywiz

Event Viewer -> eventvwr.msc

Fax Cover Page Editor -> fxscover

File Signature Verification -> sigverif

Font Viewer -> fontview

Game Controllers -> joy.cpl

Getting Started -> gettingstarted

IExpress Wizard -> iexpress

Getting Started -> irprops.cpl

Install or Uninstall Display Languages -> lusrmgr

Internet Explorer -> iexplore

Internet Options -> inetcpl.cpl

iSCSI Initiator Configuration Tool -> iscsicpl

Language Pack Installer -> lpksetup

Local Group Policy Editor -> gpedit.msc

Local Security Policy -> secpol.msc

Local Users and Groups -> lusrmgr.msc

Location Activity -> locationnotifications

Magnifier -> magnify

Malicious Software Removal Tool -> mrt

Manage Your File Encryption Certificates -> rekeywiz

Math Input Panel -> mip

Microsoft Management Console -> mmc

Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool -> msdt

Mouse -> main.cpl

NAP Client Configuration -> napclcfg.msc

Narrator -> narrator

Network Connections -> ncpa.cpl

New Scan Wizard -> wiaacmgr

Notepad -> notepad

ODBC Data Source Administrator -> odbcad32

ODBC Driver Configuration -> odbcconf

On-Screen Keyboard -> osk

Paint -> mspaint

Pen and Touch -> tabletpc.cpl

People Near Me -> collab.cpl

Performance Monitor -> perfmon.msc

Performance Options -> systempropertiesperformance

Phone and Modem -> telephon.cpl

Phone Dialer -> dialer

Power Options -> powercfg.cpl

Presentation Settings -> presentationsettings

Print Management -> printmanagement.msc

Printer Migration -> printbrmui

Printer User Interface -> printui

Private Character Editor -> eudcedit

Problem Steps Recorder -> psr

Programs and Features -> appwiz.cpl

Protected Content Migration -> dpapimig

Region and Language -> intl.cpl

Registry Editor -> regedit

Registry Editor 32 -> regedt32

Remote Access Phonebook -> rasphone

Remote Desktop Connection -> mstsc

Resource Monitor -> resmon

Resultant Set of Policy -> rsop.msc

SAM Lock Tool -> syskey

Screen Resolution -> desk.cpl

Securing the Windows Account Database -> syskey

Services -> services.msc

Set Program Access and Computer Defaults -> computerdefaults

Share Creation Wizard -> shrpubw

Shared Folders -> fsmgmt.msc

Snipping Tool -> snippingtool

Sound -> mmsys.cpl

Sound recorder -> soundrecorder

SQL Server Client Network Utility -> cliconfg

Sticky Notes -> stikynot

Stored User Names and Passwords -> credwiz

Sync Center -> mobsync

System Configuration -> msconfig

System Configuration Editor -> sysedit

System Information -> msinfo32

System Properties -> sysdm.cpl

System Properties (Advanced Tab) -> systempropertiesadvanced

System Properties (Computer Name Tab) -> systempropertiescomputername

System Properties (Hardware Tab) -> systempropertieshardware

System Properties (Remote Tab) -> systempropertiesremote

System Properties (System Protection Tab) -> systempropertiesprotection

System Restore -> rstrui

Task Manager -> taskmgr

Task Scheduler -> taskschd.msc

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Management -> tpm.msc

User Account Control Settings -> useraccountcontrolsettings

Utility Manager -> utilman

Version Reporter Applet -> winver

Volume Mixer -> sndvol

Windows Action Center -> wscui.cpl

Windows Activation Client -> slui

Windows Anytime Upgrade Results -> windowsanytimeupgraderesults

Windows CardSpace -> infocardcpl.cpl

Windows Disc Image Burning Tool -> isoburn

Windows DVD Maker -> dvdmaker

Windows Easy Transfer -> migwiz

Windows Explorer -> explorer

Windows Fax and Scan -> wfs

Windows Features -> optionalfeatures

Windows Firewall -> firewall.cpl

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security -> wf.msc

Windows Journal -> journal

Windows Media Player -> wmplayer

Windows Memory Diagnostic Scheduler -> mdsched

Windows Mobility Center -> mblctr

Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard -> wiaacmgr

Windows PowerShell -> powershell

Windows PowerShell ISE -> powershell_ise

Windows Remote Assistance -> msra

Windows Repair Disc -> recdisc

Windows Script Host -> wscript

Windows Update -> wuapp

Windows Update Standalone Installer -> wusa

Version Windows -> winver

WMI Management -> wmimgmt.msc

WordPad -> write

XPS Viewer -> xpsrchvw

Import to Windows Contacts -> wabmig

Tablet PC Input Panel -> tabtip

Windows Contacts -> wab

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security -> wf

Windows Help and Support -> winhlp32

Windows Script Host -> wscript

WMI Tester -> wbemtest

Access Screen Resolution page -> desk.cpl

Access Mouse properties -> main.cpl

Access Windows Action Center -> wscui.cpl

Access Network Adapters -> ncpa.cpl

Access Power Option -> powercfg.cpl

Access the Programs and Features Window -> appwiz.cpl

Access the System Properties -> sysdm.cpl

Access the Windows Firewall -> firewall.cpl

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