Email IMAP settings for Spectrum mail setup in outlook

Configurare noua (How To)


You want to set up your email in outlook or a different 3rd party mail app.


For outlook go to FIle and select the Add account option,select IMAP, and then a new tab will open.Select the Advanced Options and check the box “Let me set up my account manually”

It will take you to the setup page and you have to enter the following server settings for Spectrum emails:

Incoming Server – IMAP

Port: 993
Security: SSL/TLS
Username: email
Password: mail password

Outgoing Server – SMTP

Port: 587
Security: STARTTLS
Username: email
Password: email password

Click next and you will be asked for the password.
If it says the credentials are wrong its best you visit and try to log in there to make sure that your credentials are correct. Reset password if needed and then return to outlook to enter the correct password to finish the setup.

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