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Certificates used by websites which are considered to be secure (their URL begins with “https://”) are only issued for a certain period of time. If a website presents a certificate with a validity period that doesn’t match the current value of your system’s clock, Firefox can’t verify that the connection is secure and therefore opens a “Your connection is not secure” error page.


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Set your system clock to the correct time

Time-related errors on secure websites that are caused by a skewed clock on your system can be resolved by setting your correct date, time and time zone:

  1. Click the Windows Start button or press the Windows key Windows Key .
  2. In the Start Menu, click Control Panel.
    Control Panel - Win7
  3. In the Control Panel window, click on Clock, Language, and Region and then Date and Time.
  4. The panel that opens shows the current date and time settings. To change your settings click the Change date and time or Change time zone button.
  5. To confirm your changes click OK.

Contact the website owner

If you get a time related error on a secure website and you have already checked the correct settings of your system’s clock, please contact the owner of the website which you can’t access and inform him of the problem. The website owner might need to renew the expired certificate, for example.

Bypass the warning

If the website allows it, you can add an exception to be able to visit the site, despite the fact that the certificate is not trusted by default:

  1. On the warning page, click Advanced.
  2. Click Add Exception…. The Add Security Exception dialog will appear.
  3. Read the text describing the problems with the website. You can click View… to closer inspect the untrusted certificate.
  4. Click Confirm Security Exception if you are sure you want to trust the site.

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