How to copy files and folders structure with Total Commander

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We need to copy specific type of files (e.g. jpg files) and also the folder structure where those are located, using Total Commander utility.

We will follow the steps bellow.


Not necessary.


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Press Alt + F7 keyboard combination to open the Find Files menu and search for .jpg files in the desired location:

After the search is completed we will find bellow all the jpg files from that location (e.g. C:UsersAlexDesktopPictures):

In order to copy them, we will press Feed to listbox button:

Select all files and press Alt + F5 in order to pack all the files in a specific backup location (in our case E:BACKUPPictures) and click OK:

We will unpack the file from backup location:

and we will confirm the folder structure and the jpg files from the backup location:

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