How to Divide Numbers in Microsoft Excel

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Excel makes it easy to perform basic math operations, which includes division. You can divide numbers in a single cell, from multiple cells, or even entire columns. Since there’s no DIVIDE function in Excel, you’ll need to use a simple formula.


  • Divide Numbers in a Single Cell

You can divide numbers in a single cell by entering a simple formula. Open Excel and select the cell you’d like to input the formula in. Once selected, enter this formula:


Replace a and b with the numbers you’d like to use. So if you want to divide 100 by 4, you’d enter:


Note that you must type the equal sign (=) at the beginning of the formula or Excel will interpret your input as a date.

Enter the numbers you want to divide in the single cell.

Press “Enter” and the result will appear.

The result of the division.

  • Divide Numbers From Multiple Cells

If you have data in multiple cells, you can input a simple formula in a blank cell to receive the quotient. For example, let’s say you have 100 in cell B2 and 4 in cell B3, and you want the quotient of these two figures. In a blank cell, enter:


Enter the formula to receive the quotient of multiple cells.

This formula will pull the data from each cell for calculation. Press “Enter” and the result will appear.

The result of dividing data from two cells.

  • Divide a Column of Numbers (by a Constant Number)

You can divide a column of numbers by a number in a different cell. For example, let’s say cells A1-A6 each contain a number, and you want to divide those by the number contained in cell C1.

A column full of numbers.

First, select cell B2, which is where the output of the first formula will be. In B2, enter this formula:


The formula that allows you to divide numbers in a column.

Press “Enter” and the result will appear.

What $ tells Excel in this case is that the number in cell C1 is absolute. This means if you click and drag the formula in B1 down, the A1 part of the formula will change to A2, A3, and so on, while C1 will remain the same.

To quickly get the quotient of the rest of the numbers in the column, click and drag the corner of cell B1 (called the fill handle) to repeat the formula for each cell.

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