How to enable Versioning in SharePoint for a Library or List

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Whenever there is a change in the library, a user can easily store, track, and restore items via versioning in SharePoint. The feature gives a user control over the content that is posted on his/her site. So, let’s find how to configure Versioning in SharePoint 2016 for a library and list, separately.


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1. Access List Settings or Library Settings group

Go to the SharePoint library or list for which you would like to enable versioning

Enable versioning in SharePoint

Choose the Library or List tab.

Under ‘Settings’ group, choose ‘Library’ or ‘List’ option.

2. Go to Versions Settings Page

When the ‘Library Settings’ window opens, click the ‘Versioning settings’ link displayed in blue.

3. Configure Versioning for Document library in SharePoint

Versioning in SharePoint

When directed to ‘Version Settings’ page, enable versioning by checking suitable options listed under following headings,

  • Require content approval for submitted items.
  • Create a version each time you edit a file in this document library, either major versions only or major and minor versions.
  • Limit the number of versions and drafts to retain.
  • Set who can see draft items.
  • Require documents to be checked before they can be edited.

4. Configure Versioning for List in SharePoint

Similarly, to enable versioning for List in SharePoint, check the desired options under ‘Version Settings’ page for List.

If at some point, you feel like disabling versioning in a SharePoint list or library

Repeat the steps listed above, but choose ‘No versioning’ on the ‘Version Settings’ page. You can also check No for Require content approval.

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