How to fix Apple Watch display is upside down

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Many users have complained that their Apple Watch display has turned upside down.  The Apple Watch Series 7 flipped upside down during the initial setup without doing anything. It usually indicates a mismatch in the orientation settings. And at times, it can also be due to a temporary glitch.

If your Apple Watch screen is upside down, there’s a problem with orientation settings. The easiest way to switch back to the normal view on Apple Watch is to change orientation which you can do directly on your watch, as shown below:


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Fix Apple Watch Display Upside Down

Step 1: Unlock your Apple Watch and press the Crown to open the app list.

Step 2: Scroll down and select Settings.

Step 3: Head to General > Watch Orientation.

Fix Apple Watch Display Upside Down

Step 4: Choose the wrist you’re wearing the watch on- Left or Right.

Step 5: Then, set the location of the Digital Crown. If you’re wearing the Apple Watch on the left hand, select Right to fix the upside-down screen and vice versa.

You can always wear the watch with the crown on a different side, hence the setting. Changing the crown location will revert your Apple Watch display from the upside-down orientation.

You can also change the orientation back from upside-down to normal using the Watch app.

Step 1: Open the Watch app on your iPhone. Can’t find it? Use App Library to search.

Step 2: Go to the My Watch tab and click on General.

Step 3: Here, click on Watch Orientation.

Step 4: Select the wrist you’re wearing it on.

Step 5: Next, select the location of the Digital Crown when wearing the Apple Watch correctly to fix the display flipped problem.

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