How to fix Microsoft Outlook not syncing

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Think Outlook’s not showing you the most recent emails? The app may be experiencing sync problems, being unable to retrieve new incoming emails and send outgoing emails.


Check Your Internet Connection

When Outlook stops syncing emails, the first thing to do is check your internet connection. Your connection may not be working, causing Outlook to unable to send and receive emails.

Disable Outlook’s Offline Mode

Outlook has an offline mode that allows you to work with your emails without being connected to the internet. This mode may be enabled, causing the app to not sync your emails. In this case, turn off the mode to fix your issue.

To do that, in Outlook’s ribbon at the top, select the “Send/Receive” tab. Here, click “Work Offline.” The option no longer has a background color, indicating it’s been disabled. You’re done.

Manually Update Your Email Folders

When Outlook’s automatic sync fails, manually force the app to sync your email folders. This only requires clicking a single button in the app.

  • To do that, in Outlook’s top ribbon, select the “Send/Receive” tab. In this tab, click the “Send/Receive All Folders” option.
  • Change Your Email Sorting Order
  • You or someone else may have sorted Outlook emails in such a way that the most recent ones aren’t displayed at the top. This can make you think Outlook isn’t syncing your emails. In this case, change the sorting order, and your issue will be fixed.
  • To do that, open Outlook and access your email folder. At the top of your email list, click “By Date” (this option may say something else, depending on your current sorting order).
  • In the open menu, from the “Arrange By” section, select “Date.” In the “Sort” section, choose “Newest on Top.”
  • Repair Your Email Account in Outlook

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