How to Fix the Exception Breakpoint Has Been Reached Error in Windows 11

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The “an exception breakpoint has been reached” error can occur at almost any time when using your Windows PC, but usually when opening an app or when starting up or shutting down. Although it can be difficult to pin down the cause, once you do, fixing the error is not usually too hard.


How to Fix the Exception Breakpoint Error

Just like with other common Windows errors, resolving the “exception breakpoint has been reached” error starts by figuring out what is triggering it from among those common causes.

  • If you are experiencing a breakpoint error with a single app, it’s probably safe to concentrate your efforts on that app alone. If multiple apps are crashing with the exception breakpoint error, it’s a sign that the problem is deeper within the system.
  • You might also encounter the error immediately after startup or as you try to shut down, which will require a bit more investigation. Begin by disabling all the startup apps, then enabling them one at a time with restarts in between. That will help you work out if it is a single startup app causing the error.
  • Next, use reliable antivirus software to run a full virus scan to rule out malware infection as a potential cause. Once the virus scan has finished, you can move on to trying the following fixes for the “exception breakpoint has been reached” error.
Update or Reinstall Apps Causing the Error

If you only get the exception breakpoint error when running one or two apps, the solution could be as simple as updating or reinstalling those apps.

  • Reinstalling the app or apps is probably the safest bet, but before you do so, check to see if any updates are available for those apps. You can check for updates by opening the Microsoft Store app and clicking “Library.” Install any app updates and check if that has fixed the error.
  • Experiencing the exception breakpoint error during graphically-intensive tasks like gaming could be due to a heavily or incorrectly overclocked GPU.
  • Overclocking moves up the list of likely causes if the errors started shortly after the overclock was done. But even if your PC has been running overclocked without problem for some time, it is still worth considering this cause if none of the previous fixes worked.

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