How to rotate text in Google Docs

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Google Docs has no official option to rotate text in your documents but you can use a workaround to do that. To start the process, launch a web browser on your computer and open Google Docs.

When your document launches, place the cursor where you want to add the rotated text. Then, from Google Docs menu bar, choose Insert -Drawing -New.

A Drawing window will launch. Here, in the toolbar items at the top, click the Text Box tool which is an icon of a box with a T in it.

On the blank canvas, draw a text box. Then, click the box and add your text.

After entering the text, at the top of your text box, you’ll see a blue dot. Click and drag this dot to begin rotating your text box.

Add the text to your document by selecting Save and Close at the top-right corner of the Drawing window. On your document screen, you’ll find your rotated text.


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