How to search words in specific file types

Configurare noua (How To)


We need to find a word/text in some specific types of files.

We will use Total Commander utility.


Not necessary.


Pasi de urmat

We browse to the specific file location (e.g. C:Windows) and press Alt + F7 in order to search the text:

We need to find, for example, the word setup in all .txt files from that location.

We will type *.txt in Search for menu, we’ll check the Find text box and type setup word and then press Start search button:

Total Commander will find, in that specific location, all the text files that contains the word setup:

For confirmation we will open the epgtos.txt file (from result list) and search for setup word:


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Not applicable.

Plan de restaurare in caz de nefunctionare

Not the case.


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