How to Stop Discord From Lowering App Volume on Windows

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If you are a Discord user, you would have noticed that when running Discord, the volume coming from some other applications lowers significantly. If you are assuming it is an issue, it is actually a feature called Attenuation, and here’s how to fix this and stop Discord from lowering app volume.

However, before we get to the steps, let’s first understand what Attenuation is. Well, Discord’s Attenuation is a handy feature that temporarily lowers the volume coming from other sources/apps. When you have multiple sources of sound, attenuation allows you to pay attention to the primary source.
This feature is built-in on Windows, but it is not as elegant as Discord’s. That said, if you are annoyed by Discord’s Attenuation feature, you can easily turn it off.


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Open Discord on Windows and click on the gear icon at the bottom left to go to Settings.

Select ‘Voice & Video’ in the sidebar.

Scroll down the main page to find Attenuation and slide it to 0%.

And that’s it. This should fix Discord lowering the volume of other applications on Windows. However, in some cases, it is not possible to turn off Discord Attenuation even after changing the setting.

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