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With the GrooVe IP app, you can make free local calls within the U.S. and Canada on your Android smartphone or tablet. These instructions apply to GrooVe IP for Android, but there’s also a GrooVe IP app for iOS.


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Download GrooVe IP from the Google Play Store.

Launch the app and tap Get Started.

Fill out the registration form, then check your email and follow the link to verify your account and log in to the GrooVe IP Portal.

GrooVe IP app Get Started and Registration

Select Balance in the GrooVe IP portal.

Balance in the GrooVe IP portal

Select a payment option under Add Funds (PayPal, PayPal Credit, or PayPal debit card).

Add Funds in the GrooVe IP portal

Search for your area code to find a number you want and select Purchase Number.

Purchase in the GrooVe IP portal

Launch the GrooVe IP app on your phone and tap Login.

Enter your email and password, then allow the app permission to access your contacts.

Tap a contact to make a call, or tap the dial pad.

Login, Allow, and Dial Pad in the GrooVe IP app

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