Remove Deceptive Site Ahead in Chrome & Firefox

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Deceptive Site Ahead is a warning message from web browsers that informs that the website the user requested might contain malicious or phishing content, or be insecure in general. This measure allows saving the user from visiting potentially dangerous websites online. The detection of unsafe websites is turned on by default by popular browsers – Chrome, Firefox and others. Typically, such sites can contain infamous spyware/malware programs, deceptive software bundles, impersonate other well-known websites or promote a software that’s flagged as potentially unwanted by many security programs.


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  • Turn off Deceptive Site Ahead warnings in Chrome
  • Open Chrome and type chrome://settings into the URL bar. Press Enter.
  • Then click on Sync and Google services.
  • Now scroll down and find Other Google services. Under it, you should find the Safe Browsing option. Turn it off by clicking on the on/off switch. That’s it.
  • Turn off Safe Browsing in Chrome if you don’t want to be alerted before entering unsafe websites.
  • Turn off Deceptive Site Ahead warnings in Firefox
  • Open Firefox and then click on the three bars in the top right corner.
  • Select Options.
  • In Options, click on Privacy & Security.
  • Scroll down to the Security section. Here, deselect one or all given options (the ones you don’t want to get a warning for).

disabling deceptive content and dangerous software protection in mozilla firefox

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