Snipping Tool combination of keys not working

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Win + Shift + S keys have stopped working for several users since the new version is in place. For this reason, those users can no longer access Snipping Tool via this combination of keys.


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One workaround is to enable the Snipping Tool from “Notification and actions” menu

  • Press the Windows button and type Settings.
  • Open Settings and select System
  • Select Notifications and actions in Windows 10, or Notifications in Windows 11
  • Make sure that the button on the right is ON

If the first step does not solve the issue than reset the Snipping Tool app:

  • Press the Windows button and type Settings
  • Go to Apps and then click Apps and features in Windows 10, or Installed apps in Windows 11
  • Search for Snipping tool and select it
  • Select Advanced options
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Reset
  • Click Reset again to confirm.

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