Teams Outlook Add-in wont load

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After installing Microsoft Teams the Outlook Add-in fails to load even after making sure it is enabled in the Outlook COM Add-ins.


Before running the command you will need to find the location of the Teams Addin Files

  • Open File Explorer
  • EnableHidden files (tick the box)
  • Navigate to the following location and make a note of the username folder and version number folder (select the most recent version). We will need these for the step below
  • Quit Teams
  • Quit Outlook
  • Open an elevated command prompt(Click start menu and type in CMD and right click and select Run As Administrator)
  • Run the following command replacing USERNAME with the users username and VERNUMBERwith the version number installed on that machine:
regsvr32.exe “C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Microsoft\TeamsMeetingAddin\VERNUMBER\x86\Microsoft.Teams.AddinLoader.dll”
  • Open Teams
  • Then open Outlook
  • When selecting Calendar you will now see Teams as an available Addin

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