Troubleshooting Basic Headset Problems in PlayStation VR

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Don’t panic if everything doesn’t power on after your initial setup. Most owners add both the PlayStation VR and the PlayStation Camera required by the VR at the same time. These are actually two different accessories being added to the PlayStation, so it is no wonder it doesn’t always go smoothly.


First, reboot the PlayStation. This is a troubleshooting step that works with almost any electronic device. Remember, you shouldn’t directly power off the PlayStation 4. Instead, hold down the PlayStation button to bring up the quick menu, choose Power and then choose Restart PS4. This allows the PlayStation to go through the normal shutdown process before rebooting.

  • If you still have problems, it’s time to check the cables. Power down the PlayStation by going to the same Power menu and choosing Turn Off PS4. When the PlayStation 4 is fully powered down, unhook every cable included with the PlayStation 4 VR. This includes all four cables on the back of the processing unit and the two cables on the front of the unit. The VR headset should also be unhooked from the extension cable. Once you have unplugged every cable, connect them back again and then power on the PlayStation 4.
  • Is your VR headset powering on? If not, pay extra attention to the cable that connects the headset to the VR processing unit. Remove the extension cable from the equation by plugging the headset directly into the processing unit. You won’t have enough cable to play, but this will test the extension cable. There have been issues with the extension cable not inserting correctly into the processing unit. If your headset powers on when connected directly, it’s the extension cable causing the problem. Hook the headset back into the extension cable, connect the cable to the processing unit and try exerting a little bit of pressure under the cable pushing up towards the ceiling. This might align the cable adapter correctly and allow the headset to turn on. This might sound like a bad cable, but it is more of a design flaw.
  • The last thing you can check out is the HDMI cable. A faulty HDMI cable can cause many different problems including a blank screen, a fuzzy screen or a screen with colors out of whack. Any and all of this can cause your VR to behave poorly. Luckily, you have two HDMI cable to test already: one that came with the PS4 and one that came with the VR accessory.
  • You can do this without powering down the PS4. First, connect the cable from the HDMI OUT of the processing unit to the HDMI OUT of the PS4. This is probably your original PS4 HDMI cable. If it is working, you should see your PlayStation screen on your TV. Now, unplug this cable and replace it with the HDMI cable plugged into the HDMI IN port on the processing unit. Connect it to the TV using the same HDMI port on the back of your television set. You should see the PlayStation 4 screen appear on the TV. If not, you have a bad HDMI cable.

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