Using the power button (on/off) for the purpose of various fixes

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The on-off button (switch) present on all laptops/PCs/servers can be used for purposes other than power on/power off/sleep/hibernate/closing the screen (or other options made available through the operating system or integrated firmware). In general, the applicability of the following method also extends to other devices that employ ram memory (and capacitors), such as smartphones or printers.

Situations that can be fixed include, but are not limited to the following examples:
-non-functional laptop keyboard
-laptop keyboard that responds incorrectly or clumsily to pressed keys
-occasionally helps with BSOD fixes
-allows the detection of devices/peripherals/components that would otherwise not be recognized (including certain SSDs, in which case it is recommended to save the data on them and replace them with a model that does not show this symptom).


1. a) Ensure that the device is powered by a source of electric current coming from the national network (not from portable sources)
b) Keep pressing the power button continuously, without lifting your finger off it, for 60 seconds (timed)
c) If the procedure is performed correctly, the system should stop (and in limited cases it will start and stop repeatedly once every few tens of seconds).

2. a) Ensure that the device is NOT powered by a power source from the national grid (not from portable sources)
b) Keep pressing the power button continuously, without lifting your finger from it, for 60 seconds
c) Re-connect the power cable and check if the initial problem has been fixed. Sometimes symptoms may appear that require a few simple restarts or repeating steps 1 and 2.

In some cases, it may be necessary to disconnect the main laptop battery during the procedure (usually only recommended for those out of warranty). The operating mechanism is “simple” – “emptying” the energy stored in the capacitors, as well as resetting the voltage from certain storage cells to beaches that no longer denote non-binary states (zero and one) (which led to the various problems, since systems are designed exclusively for binary interactions).

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