How to clone an M2 SSD

Clone an M.2 SSD to a larger M.2 SSD with EaseUS disk cloning software

The system files, installed applications, and personal data can easily eat up your M.2 SSD space and slow down your PC, especially when you are using an M.2 SSD with small storage capacity. When the low disk space appears, you need to clone an M.2 SSD to a larger M.2 SSD to upgrade the disk for better performance.

1. Install the M.2 SSD

Before you install the SSD drive though, first make sure that the SSD drive you bought is compatible with your laptop motherboard.

On a laptop

install m.2 ssd in a laptop

  • Open M.2 slot
  • Slide the M.2 SSD drive inside slot
  • Screw the SSD drive in
  • Finalize and cover

On a desktop computer

install m.2 ssd in a desktop

  • On the motherboard, look for an M.2 connector, usually labeled with “PCIe”.
  • Carefully insert the M.2 SSD into its slot and then secure the M.2 SSD using the mounting screw.
2. Clone via EaseUS Todo Backup

Make sure that both the SSDs are recognized by your computer. Download and install the essential disk cloning software, or you may treat it as an M.2 SSD to M.2 SSD duplicator

To clone one M.2 SSD to another larger M.2 SSD, follow these steps:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS SSD cloning software and choose “Clone” to start cloning one SSD to the other larger SSD.​

choose clone to clone ssd to larger ssd

Step 2. Choose the smaller SSD as the source disk and click “Next”.

choose smaller ssd as source disk

Step 3. Choose the larger SSD as the destination disk. Here, we highly suggest you tick the option “Optimize for SSD” within “Advanced options” in the bottom left corner. Click “OK” and then click “Next”.

choose the larger ssd as destination disk

Step 4. If nothing’s wrong on the disk layout, click “Proceed”. It won’t take long to clone a smaller SSD to a larger SSD.​

preview disk layout and click proceed
3. Boot from the cloned M.2 SSD

At last, if you cloned the operating system to the new SSD and wish to boot Windows from it, try to disconnect the old SSD from your computer.

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How to read, reply to, or forward protected messages from Office 365 in the iOS Mail app

  1. Your IT department must allow “service-side decryption” for the iOS Mail app.
  2. Protected messages from your organization are decrypted by Office 365 before reaching your inbox.
  3. Open the Mail app and tap the message to view it.

A decrypted message will show a safety tip about the sensitivity of the email message:

Messages that aren’t decrypted because of admin settings look like this:

4. When you reply to a message, Exchange Online will determine whether or not you have rights from your organization to do so.

If you have permission, Office 365 protects the message back to the sender. If you don’t, or the message was sent as “View only” by the sender, you’ll receive a Non-Delivery Report.

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How to connect a Xbox controller to a Mac

Conectarea controller-ului de Xbox la un Mac se va face in felul urmator:

  1. Descarcati cea mai recenta versiune de 360Controller (care suporta ambele tipuri de controller : xbox one & xbox 360) – recomand descarcarea de pe github.
  2. Deschideti fisierul cu extensia .DMG si rulati instalarea a 360Controller
  3. Urmati instructiunile ce vor aparea pe ecran, instalarea programului fiind urmata de un restart ( asigurati-va ca fisierele sunt salvate)
  4. Dupa restart indreptati-va spre: Apple Menu > System Preferences, unde veti selecta Xbox 360 Controllers (o noua iconita la sfarsitul listei.
  6. Conectati Controller-ul la mac printr-un cablu
  7. Configurati butoanele de pe controller dupa preferinte
  9. Salvati configurarea si inchideti programul.
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How to connect a PlayStation 4 Controller on a Mac

Cea mai usoara cale de a conecta un controller de PlayStation 4 la un Mac:

  1. Utilizati un cablu micro-USB pentru a conecta controller-ul
  2. Apasati pe butonul PlayStation din mijlocul controller-ului pentru a-l porni
  3. Selectati Apple > About This Mac
  4. Selectati System Report
  5. Selectati USB
  6. Cautati Wireless Controller sub tab-ul de USB

Pentru a conecta controller-ul prin Bluetooth:

  1. Deschideti System Preferences ( Apple Menu > System Preferences)
  2. Selectati Bluetooth
  3. Puneti Controller-ul in Discovery Mode apasand pe butonul de PS si cel de Share in acelasi timp
  4. Lumina de la controller va lumina rapid iar controller-ul va aparea in lista de bluetooth si va trebui sa selectati Pair.
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Share Play on PlayStation 4 and how it works

What is Share Play?

You can use Share Play to play with a friend as if you were in the same room. It allows you to invite a visitor to view your screen for up to 60 minutes a session. If you are stuck in a game or want the visitor to try a game, Share Play allows you to hand over your controller to a visitor so they can play instead. You can also invite your visitor to play a local multiplayer session over the internet even if the game does not support online multiplayer. The visitor does not need to own the game to use Share Play.


What is the minimum connection speed needed for Share Play?

To get the best experience from Share Play, both you and your friend will need a high speed internet connection. The conditions surrounding the home network of each player may also impact internet connectivity. As a guide a minimum connection speed of at least a 2Mbps is recommended. To check your upload speed, please check with your network service provider.

How do I hand over my controller?

Simply press the SHARE button at any time, ‘Go to Party for Share Play’ and select the ‘Give Controller to Visitor’ option. On the next Screen you can chose to ‘Allow the Visitor to Play as You’. This hands over the controller and the visitor can now play the game while you watch. You can take back control at any time by pressing the SHARE button, accessing the Share Play menu and selecting ‘Take Back Controller’

How do I start a local multiplayer session via Share Play?

Access the Share menu by pressing the SHARE button and select “Go to  Party for Share Play”. Choose ‘Give Controller to Visitor’ and select ‘Play a Game Together’. Now an additional controller has been added to the game. You can play a game together or against each other. Depending on the title you might need to choose the controls in the games menu just as you were playing next to each other with two controllers.

What are Share Play’s Limitations?

  • The host and visitor have to be PlayStation Network friends.
  • The host and visitor have to be online.
  • The number of players who can use Share Play is 2.
  • Maximum length of one Share Play session is 60 minutes. When the session ends, you can restart Share Play immediately.
  • Only the host earns trophies.
  • Game saves will be saved only on the host’s PS4.



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Windows defender Cloud improvement

Windows Defender is the default antimalware security software that comes built into Windows 10. It protects your system in real-time against all sorts of security threats such as viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, and even ransomware.

Windows Defender continues to improve with each major update of Windows 10.

While Windows Defender does a pretty good job with the default settings, nothing is 100 percent effective, and it doesn’t hurt to amp it up when it comes to changing cloud-level protections. Selecting a higher level of protection makes Windows Defender more proactive in scanning and detecting suspicious files.

Join Microsoft MAPS via Group Policy

These initial steps require using Group Policy which isn’t available in the Home versions of Windows 10. Use the Windows Key + R to bring up the Run dialog and type: gpedit.msc and hit Enter or click OK.


Next, navigate to the following location:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender Antivirus > MAPS

Double-click Join Microsoft MAPS located in the right-panel.

2 Join MAPS

Select Enabled and under Options select Advanced MAPS from the drop-down and click OK.

Advanced MAPS

Increase the Cloud Protection Level

Now that you have enrolled your Windows 10 device in the MAPS program you can change the cloud protection level of Windows Defender. Continuing in Group Policy head to the following path:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender Antivirus > MpEngine

Then double-click Select cloud protection level in the right panel.


Select Enabled and under the Options section select High blocking level from the drop-down menu and click OK to close out of Group Policy.

High blocking level

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Broadcast with Mixer on Xbox One

Broadcast your gameplay with Mixer

To use Mixer to broadcast a game you’re playing:

  1. Launch a game.
  2. Press the Xbox button to open the guide, and go to the Broadcast & capture tab.
  3. Select Broadcast, and then select Start broadcast.

Broadcast yourself with Mixer

If you have a Kinect sensor or a webcam set up, you can also use Mixer to broadcast yourself live! To broadcast in fullscreen camera mode:

  1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide, and go to the Broadcast & capture tab.
  2. Select Broadcast, and then switch Fullscreen Camera to On.
  3. Select Start broadcast.

Customize your Mixer broadcast

To set up your broadcast just the way you want, you can adjust the following features and settings in the Broadcast & capture tab.

Under Broadcast > Set up your broadcast:

  • Chat: Toggle to On if you want to see and respond to viewers’ live comments on your broadcast.
  • Microphone: Toggle to On if you want to add your own voice narration to your broadcast via the Kinect sensor or a headset mic.
  • Camera: This feature allows you to add yourself to your gameplay broadcast (or broadcast yourself in fullscreen camera mode) using the Kinect sensor or a webcam plugged into the console’s USB port.
  • Fullscreen camera: Toggle this feature to On to have your camera display full screen while broadcasting. Use this feature if you want to broadcast yourself or if you want to switch between games without pausing your broadcast.
  • Share your controller: Turn this feature On to share your controller with one of your broadcast’s viewers. See Share your controller below for more info on this feature.
  • More options:
    • Change stream title: By default, the title of your broadcast is your gamertag. You can change it to something more descriptive here.
    • Party audio: Turn this on if you want everyone in the party to be heard on the stream.
    • Change camera settings: If you’re using a camera for your broadcast, you can change the position of the camera feed on the screen.
    • Move broadcast overlay: You can adjust the location of the broadcast overlay (which includes broadcast stats and the chat window) to where you’d like it to appear on your screen.

Share your controller

When you enable the Share your controller feature (under Broadcast in the Broadcast & capture tab), one the viewers of your broadcast can share control of your game. Viewers who share your controller can work with you, or can try to trip you up by causing chaos in your gameplay!

If you press the Xbox button to open the guide (the Xbox button is the only controller function a viewer cannot control), the sharing of your controller will be paused. You can regain full control of your game turning the Share your controller feature off in the Broadcast & capture tab.


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How to broadcast on YouTube using your PlayStation 4

How to link your YouTube account

  1. Go to [Settings] > [PlayStation Network/Account Management] > [Link with Other Services].
  2. Select [YouTube] and sign in using your YouTube account details.

  1. Once you sign in you will receive a confirmation on screen that both accounts are now linked.

How to broadcast using YouTube on your PlayStation 4 system

  1. While playing the game of your choice use the SHARE button on your DualShock 4 controller to open the “Broadcast Gameplay” menu. From there you can select YouTube as service to broadcast on.

Note: If it is your first broadcast using the YouTube service you will have to agree to the YouTube terms of service to enable streaming. Please follow the instructions on the screen.

  1. Before starting the broadcast you will be able to personalise some broadcast details such as Microphone/PlayStation Camera inclusion, and the display of Spectators Comments. In addition to this, by pressing the “OPTIONS” button, and Advanced Broadcast menu will appear on screen.

 Broadcasting on PS4

You can’t Broadcast in 4K from your PS4 Pro system, but you can Broadcast in up to 1080p (60fps) depending on broadcast service used and bandwidth. HDR is not supported.

  • YouTube

Up to 1080p (60fps) is available – quality will depend on YouTube network traffic.

  • Twitch

1080p (60fps) is available.

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Database Mirroring

Database mirroring is a simple strategy that offers the following benefits:

  • Increases availability of a database.

    In the event of a disaster, in high-safety mode with automatic failover, failover quickly brings the standby copy of the database online (without data loss). In the other operating modes, the database administrator has the alternative of forcing service (with possible data loss) to the standby copy of the database.

  • A database mirroring partner running on SQL Server 2008 Enterprise or later versions automatically tries to resolve certain types of errors that prevent reading a data page. The partner that is unable to read a page requests a fresh copy from the other partner. If this request succeeds, the unreadable page is replaced by the copy, which usually resolves the error.
  • Improves the availability of the production database during upgrades.

    To minimize downtime for a mirrored database, you can sequentially upgrade the instances of SQL Server that are hosting the failover partners. This will incur the downtime of only a single failover. This form of upgrade is known as a rolling upgrade.

Database Mirroring Terms and Definitions

automatic failover
The process by which, when the principal server becomes unavailable, the mirror server to take over the role of principal server and brings its copy of the database online as the principal database.

failover partners
The two server instances (the principal server or the mirror server) that act as role-switching partners for a mirrored database.

forced service
A failover initiated by the database owner upon the failure of the principal server that transfers service to the mirror database while it is in an unknown state.

High-performance mode
The database mirroring session operates asynchronously and uses only the principal server and mirror server. The only form of role switching is forced service (with possible data loss).

High-safety mode
The database mirroring session operates synchronously and, optionally, uses a witness, as well as the principal server and mirror server.

manual failover
A failover initiated by the database owner, while the principal server is still running, that transfers service from the principal database to the mirror database while they are in a synchronized state.

mirror database
The copy of the database that is typically fully synchronized with the principal database.

mirror server
In a database mirroring configuration, the server instance on which the mirror database resides.

principal database
In database mirroring, a read-write database whose transaction log records are applied to a read-only copy of the database (a mirror database).

principal server
In database mirroring, the partner whose database is currently the principal database.

redo queue
Received transaction log records that are waiting on the disk of a mirror server.

The principal server and mirror server perform complementary principal and mirror roles. Optionally, the role of witness is performed by a third server instance.

role switching
The taking over of the principal role by the mirror.

send queue
Unsent transaction log records that have accumulated on the log disk of the principal server.

The relationship that occurs during database mirroring among the principal server, mirror server, and witness server (if present).

After a mirroring session starts or resumes, the process by which log records of the principal database that have accumulated on the principal server are sent to the mirror server, which writes these log records to disk as quickly as possible to catch up with the principal server.

Transaction safety
A mirroring-specific database property that determines whether a database mirroring session operates synchronously or asynchronously. There are two safety levels: FULL and OFF.

For use only with high-safety mode, an optional instance of SQL Server that enables the mirror server to recognize when to initiate an automatic failover. Unlike the two failover partners, the witness does not serve the database. Supporting automatic failover is the only role of the witness.

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Network Configuration Operators

Network Configuration Operators este tab-ul din care se pot modifica IP-ul, DNS-ul, Gateway-ul si in general setarile de conexiune ale unei statii.

Acesta se acceseaza urmand pasii:

  • Click Dreapta pe Butonul Start
  • Computer Management
  • De aici se merge in tab-ul numit “Local Users and Groups”
  • Mai departe se selecteaza “Groups”
  • Urmeaza sa accesam “Network Configuration Operators”

Aici, prin apasarea butonului “Add…”, se adauga user-ul care va avea drepturile specifice pentru modificarea setarilor de conexiune.

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