Best Ways to Hide Your Identity Online

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It’s far too easy for our personal details to leak on the internet, either via hackers, companies selling the information, or some other dishonorable method. Securing your identity as you use the web helps keep your personal details at a minimum so that you don’t have to worry so much about identity theft, harassment, privacy intrusion, spam, etc.


There are numerous ways to do this, such as using an anonymous proxy server and connecting to a VPN before using the internet.

-Delete Your Personal Information From the Web

It’s hard to hide who you are online when your personal details are already out there! People search engines provide an easy way for anyone to research you to find your phone number, home address, email address, school history, relatives, age, full name, etc.

Although you can’t remove your information for good because it’s all in the public domain on a variety of websites, and continually gets updated, you can do your best to delete what’s out there.

-Delete and Hide Your Search Habits

Your identity isn’t just accessible through the internet; anyone with access to your web browser might be able to see your web search history, the sites you frequent, your list of bookmarks, the user accounts you have, and even your passwords. If you don’t want this information available, you have to make it a habit to either clear your browser’s history and cookies or use the browser’s private mode. Securing your computer with a password is helpful in this case, too.

-Use a Junk Email Account to Handle New Account Details

There are two clear benefits to doing this: any spam that gets sent through that new account is delivered to a specified email address and not your “primary” one; and should the account be hacked, your other accounts won’t also be compromised because you’re using different email addresses for those. There are several security and privacy minded email services that are great for this, but you can also sign up with a temporary email account that expires shortly after you use it or just use another standard email service.

An alternative to using a second email account is to use a service that lets you borrow other people’s account details. BugMeNot is the best example of this, where you can search for a site to see the username and passwords users have submitted.

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