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If your laptop or PC is running low on storage, checking all the apps you have installed should be a thing that you need to check. Often, you’ll find large files which take up a lot of space. It makes sense to get rid of any you’re not using.

For apps that haven’t been touched in a long time, deleting them is a must. But for those that you only use occasionally, the decision becomes much more difficult. Archiving apps allows you to conserve storage space and internet bandwidth without the need to delete them completely. By default, Archiving apps should be enabled in Windows 11.


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  • On your Windows 11 device open “Settings
  • Click “Apps” from the left pane and then “Apps & features” from the next menu
  • Click “Advanced app settings“, the second option in the list and then select “Archive apps“;
  • You’ll find here a toggle. Make sure it’s in the “On” if you want to archive apps.

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